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Item#: SCP-210A
Object Class: Safe-Eculid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-210A is too be placed in a 5 m x 5 m x 5 m sealed room with four(4) inch thick concrete walls, roofing, and floor. Containment area is to be illuminated with a traditional 28 Watt T-5 Light Bulb. SCP-210A must be watched over with traditional surveillance devices encased within steel boxes with Lexan coated openings in order for surveillance to maintain vision of SCP-201A. Personal must check once every 72 hours for abnormalities in the concrete cube. The on-site physiologist required by SCP-035 must be present for any “Walk through” that is taking place. (See Addendum 040-BCD for conversation attempts authorized by Dr. ███) Surveillance personal must be vigilant after 72 hours of the last “Walk through”. SCP-201B, C, and D are to be treated as hostiles and may not be communicated with by any personal unless under authorization of Dr. ███. Surveillance personal must report every “Walk through” to Dr. ███.

Description: SCP-201A is a wooden (Presumably Elm) frame with a height of 2.8 m and a width of 1 m. A single inch thick door consisting of the same wooden material as the frame is attached to said frame by three door hinges created from an unidentified Iron like material. SCP-201A cannot stand by itself and must be leaned against the back wall of its containment zone. The door is slightly over sized for the frame (by .67 In.) in width and thus cannot close fully. SCP-201A came to the foundations attention in 20██ by a call placed to 911 from █████ ███████. SCP-201A does nothing itself (studies in progress) other than serve as a possible portal to an un-identified location. Several attempts to enter the doorway have been made, but Test subjects have only simply stepped through SCP-201A to the space behind it. “Walk through” is the term applied to whenever (about every 72 hours) SCP-201B, SCP-201C or SCP-201D exit the doorway from what appears to be “no-where”. SCP-201B, C, and D are humanoid in appearance but notable differences include, but are not limited to; Pupil-less Eyes(coloration of eyes intact), height matching that of SCP-201A and spider veined skin.

SCP-201B bears resemblance to a young white human male with blue, pupil-less eyes, short, blonde hair, and little to no muscle mass and/or fat deposits. SCP-201B wears nothing, is very timid and tries to remain under surveillance devices to avoid being seen. SCP-201B is prone to self harm (specifically by removing its own bones) and has removed the following bones from its body by force using the walls of its containment cell and its arms, legs, mouth, and knees: Left Humerus, Right Humerus, Left Ulna, Both Left Triquetral, Right Triquetral, Right Hamate, All Nasal Bones, Right Femur, Hyoid Bone, and Right Maxilla. Remains in the containment cell for four-seven hours then will gather all removed bones, and proceed to enter SCP-201A and disappear. SCP-201B does not speak but will scream until hoarse when removing its bones.

SCP-201C bears resemblance to an elderly Hispanic human male with brown, pupil-less eyes, lengthy black hair, and a large amount of fat deposits about its entire body. SCP-201C wears a 80’s styled business suit and typically moves to the center of the cell where SCP-201C will immediately begin pleading to be let out of its Containment Cell. Recently SCP-201C’s pleads were met and a 3 m x 3 m hole was drilled into the right side of the containment cell. SCP-201 was taken to site██ where it conversed with Dr. ██████ and expressed concerns about its physical health. SCP-201C died two(2) hours later due to multiple brain aneurisms. Its remains were [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-201C reappeared on 9/████ through SCP-201A and continued with its normal patterns, except SCP-201A used never observed hostile language and began to slam itself against the walls (now resealed) in attempts to free itself. This is now SCP-201C’s regular pattern of appearance. SCP-201C stays in containment for 30min-90min and is considered very hostile after Dr. ██████’s death due to multiple brain aneurisms only minutes after SCP-201C died of almost identical complications. SCP-201C shows no memory of past events.

SCP-201D differs from SCP-201B and C in regards to its height and observed capacity for violence. SCP-201D has also only been sighted once, on 8/█████ about 72 hours after SCP-201C became deceased. SCP-201D appears to be a female human of Asian descent and moments after appearing returned to, and reentered SCP-201A. However, it must be noted that as SCP-201D entered SCP-201A, 201D entered into the surveillance room for SCP-201A through the back door. SCP-201D proceeded to [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-201D has not appeared since, but deaths are still reported regularly by an anomaly that is described to be almost identical to SCP-201D. The number of casualties since 12/█████ including foundation personal is 126. SCP-201D is to be terminated on sight by order of Dr. Gear.