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Item #: SCP-3535

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3535 should be contained in a humanoid containment chamber on Site-88. Four security cameras should be placed in SCP-3535's containment chamber.

SCP-3535 cannot be contained as of Interview-3535-A. SCP-3535 has been contained with the help of ██████████████, an organization that has contained entities like this before. Experiments including the candies, or SCP-3535 itself, requires security clearance Level 3 access, as well as approval from Lead Researcher Miller.

Description: SCP-3535 is a translucent black humanoid figure, which is exactly two meters tall. The origin of this entity is currently unknown, however 3535 claims that it is from a different universe.1 Based upon testing, it has shown fluency in hundreds of known forms of language.

When not under surveillance, SCP-3535 dissipates from its current location, and moves to another location containing humanoid life. When the entity dissipates, it leaves behind candies. The candies that are left behind have been determined to be random, and classified as SCP-3535-1. The candies that have been left behind can range from a single [REDACTED], made by the company █████, to 1kg of [REDACTED], made by the company ███████. The recovered candies had demonstrated various anomalous properties upon test.

SCP-3535 was brought to the attention of the Foundation when a shadow-like entity was spotted appearing in the cells of various D-Class personnel, as well as the labs of various researchers. Dr. Miller has been appointed as the head of retrieval and research of this entity.

By order of Head Researcher Miller, All testing and interviews that have been done with SCP-3535 and 3535-1, after the date of ██/██/20██, have been deemed unfit for viewing without approval from the Head Researcher herself.