Nicolas Vladimir


Class: Euclid Class

It first came to Foundation attention after a series of unfortanate instances through the world.

The ''VIP'' guy appears as from nowhere, and then makes a demand for a person or group of persons that are highly qualified in their profession, making an absurd demmand and threatening to make happen a higly unpleaseant or damaging thing for the person if the demand is not achieved.

In one suspected instance, in 19XX, the creature appeared in front of off-duty SWAT cops in (DATA EXPUNGED) in Germany and claimed that terrorists were trying to locate him and if the cop would´nt be able to transport him to a safe-house in (DATA EXPUNGED) all of them would be dead. The cops would´nt believe what was said, but in fact terrorists appeared, trying to kill the strange person with their guns.

One of the cops (DATA EXPUNGED) suddenly remebered that he had weapons at his trunk, and when he opened it, there were in fact an full assortment of guns related to the functions of the cops in their job, what was illegal. The mannhunt followed for the next 5 hours, with the terrorists showing more prowess than they would, after what the strange person entered the said house, and one of the last terrorists, which were chasing the surviving cops along the woods, suddenly fell in the ground as if hurt by a heart attack.

When the cops entered the house, they didn´t find the person, but just a trunk conntainiing more than (DATA EXPUNGED) of marks and dollars. Further investigations showed that the terrorists were of two still rival organizations, one of them was in witness protection not far from there after betraying his group, and the other were in a maximum security prison from were he couldn´t have escaped.

Also, none of the weapons found afterwards looked to have real register numbers, neither the ammo could be traced to any dealer of maker. More strangely, there were robbing registries for airsoft weapons matching the models of the weapons used for the shotout, a few weeks prior to the incident. A toy story also noted the lack of a set of fake money from a Monopoly set, in the same quantity of bank bills found by the two surving cops.

In another situation, a man matching the same description of the guy the German cops saw appeared to a cuisine chef in Singapore working in a 4 stars restaurant in the (Data Expunged) Casino. The man said to the chef that, that he had to make the restaurant get 5 stars that day. The chef, according to a witness, called security in that strange man, but later, the main critics of the city, of Asian cuisine, and also of Europe were suddenly on the restaurant, among the customers, despite not being evaluation time for any great prize. The man was also among the customers, and the security looked like it dont knew him.

The chef went crazy as he tried to make the best plates and the bartender and manager became suddenly incompetent, and other employees looked like obeying him instead as if he were the only authority present. After the night ended, the man said to the chef that he just got 4 and a half stars because ''the cuisine was impecable, but the service was lacking'', and the chef asked other chance.

The man said that there were would be other chance, but by now, the man would be punished by his failure. The man handed to the chef a bill from his bank. After viewing it, the chef killed himself. Further investigation, showed that the bill was from the bank were the chef had an account, and it said that, somehow, all money inside it had vanished, and his credit cards cancelled. Neither the bank neither the account manager could explain how that happened, albeit forensic analysis showed that the manager opened a backdoor for a hacker being able to tamper with his client accounts. The hacker couldn´t be found. The gourmands at the restarant also won´t knew to explain why they were all at that restaurant at that time.

After various similar instances where (DATA EXPUNGED) and (DATA EXPUNGED) were killed or maimed in terrible ways, the creature were brought to custody, and interviewed.

Dr. Y: So, why you do these things to people?
VIP: It´s not my fault. I really feel sorry when then do not win. I really do. But is the way they say it has to be done.
Dr Y: They?!
VIP: The ones who designed it.
Dr. Y: The ones who? What it?
VIP: You know, it all. It was made by they, for their watchers. The watchers like it. If the watchers don´t like it they would no be satisfied and they wouldn´t let me be. So I had to menace the people in doing what the makers want them to do for the watchers like it.
Dr. Y: And if you don´t?
VIP: They said me that if watchers don´t what they make many times, they would make me pay for it. They make me saw the place where the persons who did´t won are. They make me know that the persons remember me. If I don´t make the challenges be like the watchers like, I´ll be thrown with the not-winners!
Dr. Y: So, be ''not-winner'' is bad?
VIP: Horrible. When they want me to do a escape, every time I am not protected, I fall in the not-winners world, and they stay as how they died, but now alive and wanting revenge on me…
Dr. Y: And so?

From this point of the interview, the creature had to be anestisied and calmed down. From now on, it make more and more descriptions of events in our world, describing how it influenced on the wars of (DATA EXPUNGED) and on the suicide of (DATA EXPUNGED). It didn´t defied any of our personnel to any challenges, and when asked why, it stated that ''the foe material present in the immediate area should not be released because it don´t provides adequate game balance.''