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Item #: Scp-XXX
Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Scp-XXX is to be stored in a 25 cm3 lock-box in general containment. Under normal conditions, the box may be opened by anyone in the facility. Scp-XXX is to be let out of the box at least once a week to interact with personnel, who, and how many people interact with Scp-XXX do not matter. Although not mandatory, personnel should be advised to wear some sort of protection, such as rubber or latex gloves. During a security breach, the box containing Scp-XXX should be remotely locked, unmissable by any personnel. Scp-XXX is to be given 1 Altoid a day for 'good behavior'.

Description: Scp-XXX is approximately 21.8 cubic centimeters of grey fluid, with density and consistency similar to that of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty. Scp-XXX mainly uses Pseudomonas to move, but is capable of other forms of locomotion such as rolling, slithering, and in one case bipedal walking (see test log XXX-3)

It is theorized that Scp-XXX only requires oxygen to survive, but will

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