Item #: SCP-2141

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-2141 are to be individually secured within a combination locked stainless steel case lined with 2.5 cm thick closed cell polyethylene foam based on the dimensions of the individual instance of SCP-2141. Cases must be labeled with SCP-2141's unique identification number prior to containment, and locked with an additional standard combination lock. Contained instances of SCP-2141 are to be stored within a dehumidified, weight sensitive locker inside the Site 7 AFEA armory. Any decrease in weight should alert response teams of a possible containment breach.

Additional instances of SCP-2141 are to be secured during transported by at least two (2) Level 2 personnel with a linguistic aptitude of a third grade level or lower. Personnel should be equipped with Type-2 sound canceling headsets and make no attempt to converse while in contact with, or with persons in contact with SCP-2141. Personnel are to take hold of SCP-2141 and remain in constant physical contact with SCP-2141 for period not exceeding thirty (20) minutes, before transferring possession of SCP-2141 instance to another member of the containment group. Instance of SCP-2141 is to be placed in only its specifically labeled case. At the time of SCP-2141 instance's initial containment, its presence within the container must be verified by two (2) level 2 and one (1) Level 3 or higher personnel before locking. Once locked, SCP-2141 can be safely stored with the other instances of SCP-2141.

Testing with SCP-2141 instances should be overseen by at least one (1) Level 3 Researcher and four (4) armed security personnel equipped with Type-2 sound cancelling headsets. Security personnel are to communicate and be directed non-verbally while SCP-2141 is in active testing. Research staff not directly handling SCP-2141 should remain in a separate, sound proof observation room. Testing using non D-Class personnel should be limited to a two (2) hour maximum unless permission has been granted by Site 7 Administration. Manually detonated or Voice sensitive explosive collars responsive to any non-test specific speech are mandatory for D-class testing in excess of two (2) hours dependent on testing requirements.

[Addendum 2141 - 18] As of ██/██/████, SCP-2141-7 is located at all times on the person of Senior Researcher Dr. Belymari. If discovered in any location other than on or nearby Dr. Belymari standard instance transport procedures for SCP-2141 are to be followed until SCP-2141-7 can be returned to her person. Additionally, as of ██/██/████ all ongoing testing involving SCP-2141 are to be suspended until further notice pending followup investigation of incident report CB-E-723 and possible reclassification of SCP-2141.
- Site Director Dr.██████

Description: SCP-2141 refer to a number of firearms of varying models, calibers and configurations. As of ██/██/████ seven (7) Instances of SCP-2141 have been secured by the Foundation, refereed to as SCP-2141-1 through SCP-2141-7. Instances of SCP-2141 are visually identical their commercial counterparts, though lacking any identifying markings standard to their models. SCP-2141's only markings consist of a unique series of nine (9) stamped numbers located on SCP-2141's trigger. More detailed descriptions of SCP-2141 instances can be accessed with Level 2 clearance in attached documentation.
See: [Instance Catalog Data 2141]

If left and outside of containment or human possession, SCP-2141 can instantly displace to a location within roughly 2 km of its position, favoring locations out of sight yet in close proximity to humans. The frequency of this behavior ranges from once per week, down to several times hourly, variable by instance and factors not currently understood. SCP-2141 will continue this behavior until such time that containment procedures have been upheld, or a subject takes knowing possession of SCP-2141.

Possession of SCP-2141 includes acts such as intentionally or knowingly holstering, concealing or stowing of SCP-2141 on subject's person and will prevent SCP-2141 from displacing despite remaining unseen for an indefinite duration. Objects attached to SCP-2141 at the time of displacement, such as labels, tags, and GPS tracking tabs will be left behind at its original location regardless of their position on or within SCP-2141, with the exception of loaded ammunition, which will be transported along with the instance of SCP-2141.

SCP-2141 instances are vulnerable to damage to expected degrees for an object of its age, size and composition. Damage or alterations, regardless of severity or minority, made to SCP-2141 will be reversed at a point roughly one (1) hour following it's infliction. The reversing of damage will happen instantaneously, usually while momentarily unseen by observers such as during a blink or sneeze. If continuous observation is maintained on a damaged instance of SCP-2141, the reversal of all damage will occur simultaneously over a time of ~0.35 seconds.

Mechanically SCP-2141 operate in an identical fashion to a typical example of the specific make and model firearm they approximate. Instances can be loaded and successfully discharged using standard ammunition of the correct dimensions for the chamber of the SCP-2141 instance, with the exception of SCP-2141-3 and SCP-2141-4. SCP-2141-3 and SCP-2141-4 can not be loaded or discharged successfully to date, ammunition loaded into these instances vanishes, including cartridges loaded directly into the breach.

Upon successful discharge of SCP-2141, one (1) cartridge casing is ejected from SCP-2141, regardless of the SCP-2141 instance's mechanical ability to discharge casings in this manner. Ballistic analysis of SCP-2141's use in life fire testing has returned no remarkable results atypical to being discharged from any standard firearm of equivalent manufacture.

[Addendum 2141 - 1] Further information regarding SCP-2141 requires Level 3 clearance and written permission from Site 7 Administration.

SCP-2141 begins to present mind-affecting properties while in the possession of subject for extended duration, normally one (1) hour or greater. All SCP-2141 instances share a primary effect on the subject in possession of SCP-2141, causing them to become more charismatic, persuasive, inspiring, or otherwise influential to persons listening to the subject. Persons in possession of SCP-2141 for a duration of one (1) hour or longer are hereafter refereed to as SCP-2141-A.

The magnitude of SCP-2141-A's persuasive effect increases at an undefined rate based on duration SCP-2141-A has been in possession of SCP-2141. This effect is limited to verbal communication, requiring a common language being shared by SCP-2141-A and listener, but does include lip reading. SCP-2141-A's persuasive effects remain effective through transitions such as radio and television, as well as recordings of SCP-2141-A and persist even following SCP-2141's subsequent removal from their possession. Limitations of SCP-2141-A's influence over listeners is the subject of ongoing tests. Results of testings to date can be viewed in attached documentation.
See: [Research Logs 2141-A]

Removal of SCP-2141 instance from subjects possession results in emotional and psychological effects to subject of increasing severity based on duration subject spent as SCP-2141-A. These effects generally range from a mild melancholy described as feeling like "Seeing off an old friend" to depression consistent with the loss of a loved one. In extreme cases this can result in contemplation of or, actively committing, suicide. Of note is the fact that possession of SCP-2141-3 and SCP-2141-4 do not result in negative aftereffects beyond very minor cases.

Secondary mind-affecting properties of SCP-2141 on SCP-2141-A are highly variable dependent on SCP-2141 instance, most commonly granting SCP-2141-A knowledge of one or more new languages, which remain consistent to specific SCP-2141 instance. Comprehension and fluency levels of new languages are roughly equivalent to that of SCP-2141-A's primary language. SCP-2141's persuasion effects are extended to SCP-2141-A's use of these new languages. Relevant language data can be found in attached documentation.
See: [SCP-2141 Language Catalog]

Inconsistent effects of SCP-2141 on SCP-2141-A have otherwise included spontaneous bouts of; violence, racism, sexual advances, meditation, protest and rioting. While often temporary, the sudden onset and unpredictability of the more dangerous of these effects have led to the termination of several D-Class personnel during testing. Notable examples can be found in the attached documentation.
See: [Testing Incident Logs 2141].

[Addendum 2141 - 12] During SCP-2141 long exposure testing using SCP-2141-5 on ██/██/████, at 18:12, 46 hours and 21 minutes into testing, SCP-2141-5-A spontaneously discharged SCP-2141-5 without any ammunition present and to a much higher yield than previous testing would suggest. The discharge created a ~5 cm hole in reinforced concrete wall of the testing chamber, followed by 4 consecutive walls before reaching the exterior parking lot. One (1) brass casing was ejected from SCP-2141-5, lacking primer, manufacture's markings, or any signs of stress typical of a casing after discharge. The word "out" was embossed in relief around the circumference of the cartridge.

As of ██/██/████ SCP-2141's anomalous discharges have proven inconsistent. The conditions under which successful discharges have varied, leaving very few useful conclusions to be drawn. Subjects have so far been required to remain SCP-2141-A for a period of at least approximately thirty (30) hours before discharge even appears possible, at which point SCP-2141's mind-affecting properties present an ever present risk of containment breach even with proper precautions taken. Even then, discharging SCP-2141 successfully remains as infrequent as once within a twenty-four (24) hour period.

Additionally, with tests requiring such long duration to produce any results, SCP-2141-A's scaling reluctance to relinquish SCP-2141 instances has resulted in termination rate of D-Class personnel involved beyond 80%. Given these facts we have elected to heavily scale back testing with SCP-2141 pending annual progress review by Site 7 Administration. What limited data has been gained can be viewed in attached documentation.
See: [Discharge Research Logs 2141-D]

[Addendum 2141 - 16 ] In the weeks following incident CBE-███/2141, SCP-2141-7 began exhibiting anomalous behavior outside of documented norms of SCP-2141 instances. SCP-2141-7 appeared on the lap of Dr. Belymari while she slept in Site 7 infirmary ward triggering a containment breach. Once discovered, SCP-2141-7 was re-contained with special care given to check and uphold proper containment procedure. One (1) hour later SCP-2141-7 once again broke containment, this time appearing near the bedside table of Dr. Belymari's infirmary room. Re-containment of SCP-2141-7 proved successful until the point that it is left unattended within its case, or has remained in possession of personnel away from Dr. Belymari for more than approximately one (1) hour, at which point it vanished abruptly before reappearing on the person of or within close proximity to Dr. Belymari. This behavior renders long-term containment of SCP-2141-7 ineffective and was reported to Site Director Dr. ██████ on ██/██/████.

Initial discovery and containment of SCP-2141 occurred on ██/██/████ following operation "Rising Curtains" and the subsequent raid on Marshall, Carter & Dark Ltd. affiliated auction house in ██████, ████. Among the several anomalous items contained as a result of this operation were five (5) instances of SCP-2141, numbered SCP-2141-1 through SCP-2141-5. Of note is the fact that these instances of SCP-2141 were not a part of the coming auction, but rather had already been sold and were in transit to █████ a Mr.██████, according to records obtained along with SCP-2141. Records concerning MC&D's effective methods of transporting SCP-2141 were also acquired, from which current effective containment procedures were derived. Redacted copies of original MC&D records can be found in attached documentation.
See: [ MC&D Acquisition Summery ████████ ]

[Addendum 2141 - 4] As of ██/██/████ Mr.██████ was confirmed as a member of the ██████ ███ political party in █████ ██ ███ and likely intended to use SCP-2141's anomalous mind-affecting properties in an attempt to ██████ ███████ ██ ██████████ and gain political control over the region. All attempts to track and apprehend Mr.██████ for question have failed and the majority of documentation concerning him have since been wiped from sources and records by unknown means. The Foundation as of ██/██/████ considers Mr.██████ deceased given his status as a, now compromised, link to MC&D likely leading to his termination by them or their affiliated organizations.

The conditions under which an instance of SCP-2141 occurs is not currently understood and as a result there is no way to accurately determine how many instances may exist outside of Foundation containment. It is suspected however that MC&D are still in possession of several instances of SCP-2141 and that secured instances were sold as a surplus. Possession and use of SCP-2141 instances' mind-affecting properties would reasonably account for a number of currently unexplained compromising of Foundation personnel that led to containment breaches linked to MC&D operations.

[Addendum 2141 - 23] As of ██/██/████ following evaluation, SCP-2141 is to remain classification "Safe" with no further updates to containment procedures required. All further scheduled testing involving SCP-2141 are to be considered suspended indefinitely. Limited testing and emergency use of SCP-2141-7 is subject to the discretion of Senior Researcher Dr. Belymari and Site 7 Administration.
- Site Director Dr.██████

Director Dr.██████ has issued the following site wide memorandum on ██/██/████ to all Level 2 or higher active personnel of Site 7.

Attached Documentation:

Clearance : Level 2

Clearance : Level 3