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Item #: SCP-???

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-??? will be stored in a strongly-structured vault kept beneath sea level, at ████-██, filled in by general soil. Access to the vault is allowed through the use of a tunnel secured by a heavily armoured door with key-card scanners only letting personnel of Level 2 and above into the vault. SCP-??? is to be closely monitored by Level 1 agents through the use of four security cameras with thermal and night vision filters. Video and data from these cameras is also to be streamed to a back up drive in the nearest SCP Foundation area at all times for utilisation in instances such as failure to contain the SCP. If any anomalies occur regarding the SCP in question, Dr. ██████ must be notified immediately.

Description: SCP-??? is an object of a glossy, black hue and a perfectly spherical shape. The sphere is translucent to a small degree, and reflects light of any level. Although exact measurements have not been made, personnel have estimated the diameter of SCP-??? to be around 76 mm. SCP-??? was found in an eroded, sunken delivery ship of unknown branding, with coordinates of about [39 North, 160 East]. With increasing reports of fatalities at sea in the area of it, Dr. ██████ of the Foundation was approached by a contact in the ████ Shipping Association, and an investigation was initiated after designated approval on the 27th of December, 2014. It was, however several months after permission was granted that Foundation operatives were sent to the area, due to [REDACTED] threats from [REDACTED] and Russia’s tight security in the area. As these issues eventually relieved themselves, the Foundation received the opportunity to examine the shipping boat and collect SCP-??? which, at the time was kept in a complex safe with [REDACTED] embedded on the container.

The object has been observed to bear no signs of cracks, gashes or any wear at all, and though it is a tangible product of matter, currently its substance is unknown. For a short period of time, the sphere is safe to touch, however staff have reported feeling a progressive burning pain in the central nape of the neck when making contact with it for more than 9 minutes. Though the pain was minimal, it was noted to increase in intensity, and it can be predicted that it would only continue to do so if physical contact was sustained. Even without any signs of life, it is commonly believed that SCP-??? has a conscience, and is thus aware of all that happens in its area. Through many closely viewed sessions, Class D status Foundation agents, given the alias ‘communicative volunteers’, have attempted to make social contact with the sphere, and it is in these instances in which it has demonstrated its ability to manipulate the mind of humans and other living organisms to its will, by incomprehensible means.

The SCP’s so called ‘Mind Control’ has affected staff in ways that increased their hostility drastically; recorded footage showing subjects of SCP-???’s ability bashing wildly at the doors, screaming, and in some circumstances using weapons such as keys or their own teeth to attempt to reach their fellow agents, with a seemingly undying desire to kill. These ‘manipulated’ have all been neutralised and returned to a safe zone, in which they transcend back to their normal mindsets and seem to be unable to recall the effects of SCP-???, showing shock when faced with the footage of their actions.

As time passes, the sphere appears to become more active, its influence growing and it begins to make communicative volunteers act in different ways, such as reciting phrases or staring at security cameras. A full list of non-hostile or unique influences can be seen in Addendum A. Workers at the vault have also begun to report being able to see the shape of SCP-??? through walls, and during a minor black-out, staff were somehow able to see the sphere in pitch black darkness, despite its colour, in a way that they have been unable to describe, as if they had been gifted with a new sense.

A year after SCP-??? had been contained, new technology was assigned to the underground vault, and staff were able to monitor the brain activity of communicative volunteers when under the control of the sphere, and it was revealed that the sphere was only altering the Parietal Lobe of the brain, which is responsible for features such as intelligence and reasoning, not its emotion-governing counterpart, the Temporal Lobe, as the Foundation had expected, as each manipulated agent was under heavy emotional influence. This information clarified that each communicative volunteer were acting under their own accord, and that SCP-??? was simply fabricating a memory or a reason for the agent’s actions, giving an even deeper view of the sphere’s potential intelligence. The location of the brain manipulation also links to the pain in the neck’s nape when SCP-??? is touched for long amounts of time. In the same session in which the volunteer’s brain was observed, Dr. [REDACTED], without obtaining authorisation, engaged contact with the manipulated agent, through a microphone on his clothing. Log is below:

>Contact Log ???-1<

<Begin Log>
Dr. [REDACTED]: *Under emotional stress* ███! ███ can you hear me!?
Communicative Volunteer: *Holds his head tightly* H-help! He’s… It’s crawling up m-
Dr. [REDACTED]: ███! Sh*t! I don’t have the release codes!1
Communicative Volunteer: *Screams in agony* It's trying.. to…
Communicative Volunteer: *Snaps out of normal mindset, lashes out toward the viewing glass*
Dr. [REDACTED]: *Breathes heavily* What are you-
Communicative Volunteer: *Digs fingers into the glass and scratches out the words ‘He’s mine now…’*
Dr. [REDACTED]: Don-
<End Log>

Access to further iteration is limited to Level 3+ Foundation Agents

Addendum A
In some circumstances, SCP-??? manipulated foundation agents in ways other than the usual hostile mindset, many of which are considered the life form testing its capabilities and learning about the world in its vicinity.

[A:1] The manipulated agent was made to stare directly at one of the cameras for several minutes, with no signs of change. It appeared to know that the Foundation was watching it.

[A:2] The manipulated agent ran in several consecutive circles, continuing even in overexertion. From this instance it can be concluded that SCP-??? is capable of more exact manipulations than simple emotional fits.

[A:3] The manipulated agent pierced its left forearm, making it bleed. Please note that said agent was quickly removed from the area, and the Foundation always cares for the health and safety of staff.

[A:4] See [A:2].

[A:5] The manipulated agent ran through many vocal experiments, changing in pitch, speed and timbre. SCP-??? was beginning to grasp the basics of voice control.

[A:6] The finished result of [A:5]; the manipulated agent repeated the phrase ‘I can speak’ multiple times, proving that it is intelligent enough to grasp linguistics, and likely mathematics, art and other human qualities.