Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a bulletproof glass box 50 cm X 10
cm located at Site ██ and kept under lock and key after Incident 4229, the locking mechanism has been updated to a Keypad. The code will be provided to Researchers with the permission of Dr Rosenberg. SCP-XXXX is to be kept under armed guard 24/7. SCP-XXXX's testing chamber must have a one-way bulletproof window and no one is to be allowed present in the chamber during testing except the Test Subject. If a subject refuses to remove SCP-XXX off their person, they must be given a 30 second warning, after which the chamber must be filled with Neurotoxin if they do not comply. There are to be no tests involving live test subjects under any circumstance by order of the 05 Council. Attempts to access SCP-XXXX without proper clearance will result in immediate termination.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a dirty green hoodie composed of a material similar to cotton, however the object has proven to be indestructible to all forms of ballistics and acids. In order to trigger the objects anomalous effects, a user must think of a place/person/object and insert both their hands into the front pockets. This will cause the users hands to manifest in the location they desired, however if they were thinking of a living organism, dependant on the size, the hands would manifest in the chest area, causing severe internal damage. There has shown to be no limit on the range of SCP-XXXX but increased distance creates mental strains on the user, and can lead to death. Several tests on animal test subjects smaller than the average human hand exploded after triggering the anomalous effects of SCP-XXXX.

Experiment Logs

Use of SCP-XXXX on a Glass Box filled with Water
Test Subject is instructed to carry out the procedure and their hands manifest inside the glass box. Subject showed slight discomfort after putting their hands in the hoodie. No other noticeable changes in behaviour.
Result: Hands were wet, no signs of any side effects. When asked on their discomfort during the test Subject stated they felt a small "tug" on their head.

Use of SCP-XXXX on a dead rat
Subject carried out the procedure. The rat was impaled by the subject's hands.
Result:Hands were covered in blood, no signs of any side effects. Subject was greatly disturbed by the outcome.

Use of SCP-XXXX on a small dirt pile
After the test subject had triggered the anomalous effects, the dirt pile has shifted. A security guard promptly move the dirt aside to reveal the subject's hands.
Result: Hands were noticeably caked with dirt, no signs of any side effects.

Testing the range of SCP-XXXX with a glass water box
Subject was asked to carry out the procedure but shown a live footage of the glass box located at Site-██ around 100 km away, and told to visualise it. Complying subject's hands manifested in the glass box, soon after subject quickly retracted their hands and fell to the floor clutching their head, falling unconscious.
Result: After being rushed to the med-bay, subject showed no signs of physical harm. During questioning on why they reacted , subject stated they felt a sharp pain in their head, saying "it felt like somebody was drilling into my brain."

Use of SCP-XXXX on a live test subject
Subject-1 is an assistant researcher assigned to SCP-XXXX, Subject-2 was a Male D-Class. Subjects were seperated into two rooms, Subject-1 has a table with SCP-XXXX folded on top and a photo of Subject-2.

Dr Rosenberg: Alright Subject-1 carry out the procedure, you know what to do.

Subject-1 stares at the photo of Subject-2 before carrying out the procedure.
Footage of Subject-2 shows no changes in behaviour, Subject-1 is then shown a live recording of Subject-2 and repeats the procedure.

Dr ██████: Ummm nothing's happening I thi-

Dr Rosenberg: I can see that, do it again but watch the TV screen Subject-1.

Screen displays a live recording of Subject-2. Subject-1 repeats the procedure.
Subject-2 shows clear signs of pain, falling to the ground and shouting expletives. Soon Subject-2 goes limp.

Dr Rosenberg: Ahhh shi-

Result: Subject-1's hands were covered in blood. Subject-2 died during the experiment. Autopsy revealed cause of death to be internal impalment through both the lungs. Subject-1 has been assigned to Dr ████ for psychological counselling.

I request that any testing of SCP-XXXX on a live test subject is to be discontinued and any further attempts met with severe consquences.
Dr Rosenberg