"Bright Night Headlights"

Item #: SCP-3189

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-3189 are to be imprisoned inside a 12 meter x 12 meter x 12 meter containment cell. This cell requires 4 meters of fertile soil covering the floor of the cell along with at least five mature pin oak trees and bluestem grass inhabiting the area. The plant life provided are used as a food source, as well as shelter for SCP-3189 instances to avoid exposure to radiant light. Small prey usually found in American forests, such as rodents, insects, small birds, etc., must also be provided as primary food sources. If the wildlife starts to overpopulate or diminish, multiple 1000-watt searchlights are to be deployed, causing SCP-3189 instances to hide in the trees or grass while D-Class personnel dispose of or apply more prey. Pure water should be separated by a 12 meter titanium wall with twelve, equally-divided 2 x 2 inch square holes, only accessible to prey, as SCP-3189 instances only require small quantities of moisture provided by the prey's bodies. If water is provided to SCP-3189 instances, temporary and immeasurable strength will be granted. This strength varies from each individual, but grants the ability to physically break through any known material, resulting in an inevitable containment breach. In the event of a breach, SCP-3189 instances must have 6000-watt LED flashlights pointed into the irises of the instance, slowly pushing it into the nearest room able to be locked with a keycard.

Description: All instances of SCP-3189 are sentient, humanoid entities with arthropod-like heads. Most instances have a pair of antennae, similar in function to that of an insect's. Only one specimen possesses no antennae, as it's head is more reminiscent to that of an arachnid (see SCP-3189-5). SCP-3189 instances heights range from 2.2 meters-4.8 meters. As of recent, SCP-3189 instances have been nicknamed "the Headlighters" by staff, regarding their bio-luminescent eyes. These eyes project light because of an abundance of the enzyme, luciferase, that causes bio-luminescence in organisms. Tenchakani, a previously undiscovered element, named by the specimens themselves, is also present in the retinas of the creatures, which gives them their strange abilities. Upon direct visual exposure to the optical lights of SCP-3189 instances in darkness, any living creature will enter a comatose state instantly, because of SCP-3189 entities administering