Item #: SCP-3949

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3949 is to be kept in a sound-proof 12 m x 12 m x 7 m container, with standard glass to observe the anomaly. As of ██/██/████ the observation window is to be replaced with fiber glass and the glass frame is to be reinforced by steel bar, to prevent escape if the glass breaks.

All personnel must wear air tight ear protection at all times including the ones in the observation room to prevent effects from SCP-3949, except for special circumstances such as experiments. All personnel or subject entering the chamber is mandatory to be equipped with a push-to-talk microphone.

Description: SCP-3949 is a Macrocephalon Maleo subject, an endangered bird species found in the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. SCP-3949 is abnormally large than it's normal counterpart, measuring at 5 meters in height. Its head is roughly the same size of its body. Due to this, SCP-3949 is incapable of flight, rather resorting to walking on the ground. SCP-3949's beak is big enough to snatch half of a average male body. Other than that, it's physical form has nothing unique than its normal brethren.

SCP-3949 is a hostile predator unlike its normal counterpart. When targeting a prey, SCP-3949 is capable of emitting sounds which very much resembles to that of an ordinary human song. The song it emits vary from person to person, measuring from classical to hard rock, what is known is that the song a subject hears is known to belong in the genre of which the subject favors. Where the song is coming from SCP-3949 is currently unknown, as the mouth does not appear to be open when SCP-3949 is emitting its sound, but it is suggested that it is from the center of SCP-3949's body, further analysis is required.

All subjects who hears it appears to be hypnotized by the song, and appears trying to find the source of the song, when they are in a close proximity to SCP-3949, SCP-3949 will attack and devour the subject. However if a subject is using any ear protection equipment, they will not be able to hear the sounds emitted by SCP-3949 therefore making the subject immune to its effects. However if they get in close proximity with SCP-3949, SCP-3949 will emit a very high-pitched, deafening, and [REDACTED] voice that resembles the screech of a bird, possibly trying to make the subject hear its screech from the ear protection equipment and succumb to its effect. The subject using air tight ear protection will be [REDACTED] and temporarily deafened, or not affected at all depending on the quality of the equipment used. This might suggest that SCP-3949 is not capable of devouring it's subject if the subject is not effected by SCP-3949's effect.

On a previous event, SCP-3949 has broken the glass windows using its high frequency screech, This leads to the observation windows being replaced by fiber glass reinforced by steel bars.

Discovery: SCP-3949 was recovered in [REDACTED], Indonesia, in ██/██/████, by MTF Tau-22 ("Forest Fire") with additional support by MTF Eta-11 ("Savage Beasts") due to its audiohazardous traits. Prior to containment, SCP-3949 was sighted at a nearby village when a helicopter pilot (will be referred to as subject) was on his daily patrol of the [REDACTED] forests when he spotted villagers he knew making their way to SCP-3949 before all of them were devoured. SCP-3949 spotted subject and activated its high-pitched screech. At the time, subject was wearing ear protection and flew out of the area.
The foundation heard about this event and dispatches a containment operation and successfully contained SCP-3949. Subject has been given Class-C amnestics and has been set free.