Item #: 2991

Object Class: Euclid



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2979-1 to SCP-2979-4 should be secured in a 1.22 meter security safe lined with lead. If any abnormality is reported about the safe or outside the safe, immediately contact a researcher that is L-4+ and put 5 more guards at the containment area. It is also required for 2 guards to be stationed 24/7 unless authorized by Site Command.
Description: SCP-2979-1 to SCP-2979-4 are 4 pills that were found in SCP-002. They possess sentience and advanced knowledge of The Foundation. Due to conversations with SCP-2979-1 the interviewer managed to find out that he was Foundation personnel before he became a pill. SCP-2979-1 went into detail about the subject and we learned that he took some aspirin before bed and woke up feeling woozy and realizing he was a pill. Upon search of the residence, a empty aspirin bottle was found and they were presumed to have been taken by SCP-2979-1. SCP-2979 seems to have a strong effect on people, making them want to do a random task, and the reason for this is undetermined.(No counter-agent discovered as of yet)They also seem to be able to speak and see despite their lack of eyes and mouths. It is presumed they are telepathic. They are also responsible for numerous containment breaches due to their tendency to melt the containment doors which led Site Command to believe that it can modify its temperature or modify the temperature of a object in front of it.. They are comprised of a material that is unknown but is highly resilient and only a [REDACTED] can break through the material. They also seem to be able to move and hover whenever they desire it. They also seem to replicate if needed, however these 'clones' only last as long as needed. Its been suggested that the other 3 pills are simply clones that have just been there for a long time.