The tempered child

Item #: SCP 2096
Object class: safe Euclid


Special containment procedures: SCP 2096 is given the ability to roam the halls and even interact with staff due to his kind and loving personality. This privilege is given until curfew, in which the SCP is to report back to his containment area. If SCP 2096 if harmed or angered in anyway, immediate sedation is in order.

Description: SCP 2096 looks like any other human boy but is different in other ways. SCP 2096 is often called Matthew is a kind, sweet loving kid estimated around 13-15 years old. His human appearance makes him standout and allows him to differ from the other subjects. It is unknown where this boy comes from or where he got his abilities but was bagged in (classified) and brought to scp at the age of six. When this boy is angered or somebody hurts him, the boy will snap his fingers temporally blinding and loud ringing of the ears within a 500 meter radius for closely 30 seconds. When these affects pass the victim would be traumatized and in one case dead by cardiac arrest. Survivors of this claim to be in a alternate world where Matthew shows you terrible things. No footage was ever recovered due to the subject interfering with the camera manually during the blinding effects, but an audio box was salvaged and was able to make out voices during the effects.

Audio log 001 SCP 2096 (Matthew)
during a routine test to experiment abilities on safe-Euclid subjects
Interviewed: scp 2096
Interviewer: dr. (Classified)
<log begins>
Dr. (Classified): hello um… Matthew correct?
SCP 2096: yes you're correct
Dr. (classified): I need to run a few test on your abilities if that's ok
(Footstep of a child backing away)
SCP 2096: what kind of tests?
<sound of rummaging>
Dr. (Classified): please calm down Matthew, it's only a little sting
(electrical shock followed by scp 2096 screams)
Dr. (Classified): please be still, Matthew
(fingers snap and audio box becomes static)
<audio box voices become harder to hear>
Dr. (Classified): where am I?
SCP 2096: now I will hurt you
(Dr. (Classified) screams and pleas can be heard in the back round)
<after 30 second the ringing stops and voices become more audible>
SCP 2096: now we're even
(audio box static clears and all is heard is dr. (Classified)'s whimpers)
<log end>
this dr. (Classified) was later removed from the SCP staff due to traumatization