Northern Epsilon's sandbox

It's my sandbox, what did you expect?
Expect steaming loads of crap.

(Author's note: I'm no longer working on this draft, at least for now. If you have any ideas for it you want to give to me, or want to rewrite it yourself, feel free to do so.)
Good morning everyone. I'm Researcher Hall.

As part of Project Heimdall, I've put together this report to (talk about why we can't just throw skips at HEs./talk about the "simple solutions" described in the project summary. (and why they're insufficient. (as also described in the summary.)))

Let's begin.

Let's start with the question that's (probably) on everyone's mind. Why don't we just point 682 at the HEs, in the case of an overt military invasion? There are a few possibilities that I see. One, 682 refuses, two, 682 goes and repels the entire HE invasion, three, the HEs kill it, four, 682 kills us all and five, 682 collaborates with the HEs. (Author note: this part doesn't really ring with me, should probably rewrite)

Now, another example would be, why don't we just show 096's face to the HEs? Well, first that would need massive civilian evacuations to prevent exposure to civilians and secondly, how would we? Sure, we could use oh I don't know, the entirety of Time Square, but it doesn't guarantee that ALL the HE's will be exposed. And of course, I stated about 682, what if the HEs can kill 096? This also applies to other seemingly indestructible skips. What if the HEs could destroy those?

Yes, you in the back. Ask 343? That brings me to my next point.
Why don't we just ask 343 to make the scary aliens go away? Well, what if he responds like that time we tried to make him kill 682? Maybe he favors the HEs more than us, and wipes us out instead? What if something goes horribly wrong? (Actually, if any of you happen to be at Site-17 in the near future, can you ask him about what he'd do? Thanks.)

(Placeholder, I'll get back to this)