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Dr. Gregory began to fill out the incident forms. It was a thankless job, being the one to fill out the forms, but somebody had to tell the head honchos what happened to 10,000 dollars worth of Foundation assets.

It had been early morning on a Thursday. The Temporal Anomalies department had been testing some new device, capable of time travel. It was a metal box, a meter wide on each side, with a panel loaded with buttons on one of the steel sheets that formed the device's casing. Gregory forgot the name, so with a couple clicks of his mouse he opened the testing file. The device was called the "Low-Scale Temporal Displacement Device," or "LSTDD." He wrote the name in the "Subject" column.

Gregory didn't actually know what went wrong. Whether an engineer overlooked some weird math, or if some lab boy pressed the wrong buttons, or if it was just bad luck, it wasn't his job to find out. The Foundation had an entire department dedicated to investigating that. All Gregory cared about was the end result.

Gregory reviewed the incident tapes. A man with balding hair and an odd mustache put a grey mouse in a small glass cage. Gregory had already seen this video a thousand times, and he knew what would happen. As if on a script, another, younger man input a code into the LSTDD and pulled a lever that worked the magic. A device that looked like a strobe light located at the front of the LSTDD began to flash red and blue colors. Then, smoke began to emit from the top of the LSTDD. This did not go unnoticed. Another man in a somewhat dirty labcoat pointed it out, and in a few seconds everybody in the lab had noticed it.

The young man from earlier began to frantically input a "stop" code into the panel. However, his efforts were in vain. The strobe light device on the front of the LSTDD began to crack before completely shattering. The cage with the mouse in it was flown across the room, shattering on impact with the wall. Gregory knew the mouse had survived. The Foundation liked to keep careful track of its assets.

After a few more frantic minutes, the LSTDD finally shut off. A look of relief came over everybody in the room. This relief was short lived, as another man wearing a baseball cap and a suit strolled into the room. The new man began to converse with the lab, dialogue that Gregory could not hear due to the fact that the camera he was watching did not record audio. After a short few seconds of conversation, the baseball cap man left the room with the mustache man.

Gregory pressed the [TAB] button a few times, switching his view over from Camera L-121-A to Camera H-155-C. The camera view showed a normal hallway, albeit with a minor anomaly. An entire wall was missing, along with a decent amount of storage space. Through the hole in the wall, Gregory could see the other hallway.

The two men came into shot, as if on cue. After they yelled at eachother for some time, before Gregory pressed the [ESC] button to close the camera view.

Gregory filled out the "Description" segment of the forms, before letting his pencil hover over the "Assets Lost" column. He had already checked and double-checked whatever had been contained in the two rooms that had been spirited away to Where-everland a short three hours earlier. Other than a couple of minor anomalous items, a T-Shirt and a water hose, only one SCP artifact had been lost in the incident. Gregory had taken a glance at its mainfile earlier. It died at room temperature.

After completely filling out the form, Gregory put it inside of a letter and sealed it using an official Foundation seal. As he walked it to the official Foundation mailbox, Gregory found himself pondering what happened to the now-gone 10,000 dollars worth of assets. Most likely, it would have been dropped into some uninhabitable reality, where it would have been shredded within a second. If they had somehow stuck to this timeline, they could be literally anywhere in the universe.

Gregory dropped the train of thought after he deposited the letter in the mailbox, and walked back to his office to fill out another incident form.

Sergeant Steven Jackwell held the T-Shirt in his hands. It was the only thing in the entire shop. Only two hours earlier, Sergeant Jackwell's squad had been deployed to this location, due to suspicious ritual activity. Only five minutes earlier, Sergeant Jackwell had burst through the front of the pawn shop and had to subdue six cultists with tranquilizers. And now that they had broken into the basement, this T-Shirt was all they could find.

"Hold on, lookit this," Corporal Talkins said to Jackwell, pointing to the nifty computer he had brought with him. He had just received a message from Lieutenant Norton. They had sighted the thing they had came for. A statue that moved like lightning, but only when nobody was looking. It was truly mysterious, and worked like nothing that Jackwell had seen before.

Jackwell glanced at the back of the shirt, and found himself comparing the character at the front of the shirt to the thing he was looking at on the monitor.

"Does that thing remind you of anything?" Jackwell asked Talkins, "Any comic characters, or anything?"

"No." Talkins replied.

"Well, take a look at this." Jackwell said as he showed Talkins the T-Shirt. The character looked almost exactly like the sculpture. In fact, the character almost seemed to be a caricature of the sculpture.

"We can just ask the guys up above," Talkins replied, pointing his thumb up towards the unconscious anartists lying on the shop floor, "we should get 'em lugged into the trucks."

"Good idea," Jackwell replied as he began to walk up the stairs, bringing the shirt with him.

The T-Shirt was brought alongside SCP-173 to a hidden facility in Washington D.C. After being tested with every test under the sun, the shirt was carried by an unimportant government grunt to a storage room at the other end of the facility. As he was walking, he passed another government employee, out of ideas, who happened to take a glance at the shirt. That shirt gave that man with a name that he would call his new branch, responsible for the secure containment of anomalous phenomena.

Item Description: A white cotton-and-polyester t-shirt bearing the words 'SCP: SECURE CONTAIN PROTECT" on the front, and a crude but recognizable cartoon of SCP-173 on the back, with the caption "SCP-173: DON'T BLINK". Aside from the security breach it represents, the item has no anomalous properties.

Date of Recovery: ██-██-19██

Location of Recovery: █████████ Thrift Store, New York City, New York

Current Status: In storage. Presumed lost after Incident ████-23.

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Item #: AO-4799

Item Description: A SanCruz-brand flash drive. Though labels indicate that it should have a storage capacity of 10 gigabytes, over two petabytes can be stored on the drive.

Date of Recovery: 12/28/2017

Location of Recovery: Found attached to the office computer of Researcher C████ Calvin, following [DATA REDACTED]

Current Status: In storage at Site-19.


Anomalous Object 4799 (SCP-4799) was found in the personal effects of Researcher Calvin. AO-4799, when attached to a computer, allowed access to a storage space capable of holding two petabytes of data, rather than the 10 gigabytes of data normally held by a normal flash drive of its model. However, AO-4799's anomalous storage size was used to hold a file titled ""

This file is a non-anomalous compressed folder, and is able to be decompressed using standard decompression software. The result of this is a series of non-anomalous text, audio and video files documenting a XK-class scenario that occurred from 12/3/2017 to 12/10/2017. No evidence within Foundation control suggests that this event actually occurred.

These files are currently awaiting declassification. Personnel with Level 4 clearance may consult File Archive f48 for more information.

File 1:

File 2: