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ID #: SCP-xxxx
Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be kept in a small cage found on Locker 18 of Site-15. It is to be fed raw meat 5 times a week and given water on a daily basis. Researchers assigned to SCP-xxxx are to be given Class-A amnestics before being reassigned to another object. Experiments on SCP-xxxx require approval from at least 1 Level 2 Researcher.

SCP-xxxx is a member of the an unknown species of the genus rattus , weighing 3 kilograms. It has a large brain compared to other rodents in its genus. It is mildly malnourished and has white fur. SCP-xxxx is carnivorous, although it prefers slightly decayed meat to other kinds.

The animal's anomalous properties are manifested when a person in the range of 13-40 years old has visual contact with SCP-xxxx. Subjects exhibit a sense of disgust and anger, although some experiences a sense of arousal (see Test Log for more information).

Test Log on SCP-xxxx
Subject is a 23 year old male, with an assigned name of D-1568. Interviewer assigned is Dr. ████, aged 51
Dr. ████: Alright D-1568, we're going to need you to do something.
D-1568:Whatever you say, Doc.
Dr. ████: Nothing complicated. I just need you to look at this little mouse.
At this point, Researcher █████ brings SCP-xxxx in its cage to the room.
D-1568: (pauses) what the [expletive] is that?
Dr. Smith: It's a rat.
D-1568:It's a rat, alright. Just, god, put some clothes on it!
Dr. Smith: Why? Rats don't need clothes.
D-1568: Come on, man. It's disgusting.
Dr. Smith: LOL

Test Log 2
Subject is D-2845, a 35 year old gay male. Dr. Satoshi is the assigned researcher for the experiment.
Dr. Satoshi: Okay, D-2845, this one's going to be easy.
D-2845: This one?
Dr. Satoshi: Never mind. How do you feel about mice?
Dr. Satoshi introduces SCP-xxxx at this point.
D-2845:Uh…What do I need to do?
Dr. Satoshi: Could you describe this thing to me?
D-2845: Naked.
Dr. Satoshi: So?
D-2845: Okay, okay. It's…it's hot.
Dr.Satoshi: Get out.

SCP-xxxx seems to be viewed as a naked male. Go figure.
-Dr. Dre