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Item #: SCP-A

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Any civilian boats or aircraft coming within 1km of the island on which SCP-A-1 is located are to be turned away. During Lancaster events, at least 2 personnel are to be stationed at SCP-A-1 in order to document the event.

SCP-A-2 is to be expunged from all non-Foundation aeronautical databases. Due to its small size and distance from Earth, disinformation protocols directed at major observatories have been deemed unnecessary. Currently, SCP-A-2's position is being monitored using Foundation Observatory 2101. Long term observation procedures are currently in progress.

Description: SCP-A-1 is a 15 meter tall cylindrical tower constructed of marble. SCP-A-1 is 6m in diameter, and rests on the flat edge of a a hemispherical platform2 which is 16m in radius and partially submerged within the ground in a hemispherical divot3. SCP-A-1 is located at 73.182° N, 5.351° E on a small island.

SCP-A-1's interior is accessible through a single wooden door at the tower's base, and contains a collection of roughly 200 brass bells of various sizes. These bells hang freely throughout the entirety of SCP-A-1's interior, but do not appear connected to any apparatus capable of ringing them. Additionally, they appear to be unable to produce sound outside of a Lancaster event. No other entrances to SCP-A-1 are present, other than an open ceiling.

SCP-A-1's creator is unknown, and no identifying marks have been found on any parts of it. However, a single metal plaque is affixed above its door, which reads as follows:

4/4/1999 - 8/3/2011

SCP-A-2 is an incorporeal humanoid entity, currently located roughly 550,000 kilometers away from the Earth's surface at its closest point. It is entirely white, translucent, and has the appearance of a prepubescent Caucasian female. SCP-A-2 is fixed in a standing position with arms outstretched, and always faces Casper 16T4. It does not react to stimulus, and has not been observed to move outside of Lancaster events. It is unknown whether or not SCP-A-2 is sentient.

SCP-A-1's platform is anomalously capable of three-dimensional rotation within the divot in which it is submerged. SCP-A-1 continuously rotates so that it is always pointed in the direction of SCP-A-2, and due to the Earth's rotation and movement, appears to be in constant rotation. All attempts to impede this rotation have thus far failed, as have attempts to damage any parts of SCP-A-1. Annually, on April 4th at 12 AM5, due to the Earth's positioning at this particular date and time, SCP-A-1's platform will be perfectly level with the ground, and a linear alignment will be formed between SCP-A-1, SCP-A-2, and Casper 16T. At this time, a Lancaster event is initiated.