the super mario brothers cartridge

Item #: scp-XXXX


Object class: -safe- euclid

Special contaiment procedures:Scp-XXXX is to be kept in a box with a lock without any light in the room and 10 metters aways from the entrance door to the room in area 84, research or study of scp-XXXX is only to be authorized by level 4 scientist personel only sending one class d to a test of this item

Description:scp-XXXX is a normal looking super mario brothers cartridge for the Nintendo entertaiment system in its box with the manual, the cartridge is extremly resistant this quality of the scp is still under study by Dr.S[REDACTED], the box and the manual of the game are completly normal.

When scp is inserted on a Nes videogame console the game shows completely normal, at first once reached world 1-3 the subjects start trembling and whispering how many enemies they have killed until they reach world 2-1, subjects then stop playing and pause the game then they start talking to other people of the game and to play it this ways this scp causes more deaths, when reached world 4-4 the game show a serie of gore images wich includes theselves killing they family, friends, pets (If they have) and finally themselves suddenly after this happening the subjects try to commit suicide in ANY way possible

All the results of test got unexplainably deleted from the data base, last person on loggin into the data base from a unexisting place