Item #: SCP-4XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-4XXX's constant movement within the ocean, its containment has proved complicated to manage. Several large combat ships and submarines have been assigned to track SCP-4XXX. Their purpose is to try to deter the movement pattern SCP-4XXX away from populated shore lines, and deter other vessels in the water from coming in contact with it. In order to lure SCP-4XXX in a specific direction, SCP-4XXX-2 is to be restrained on a fast moving aquatic craft, at the most, ten (10) miles away from the entity to successfully prompt it to follow.

Description: SCP-4XXX is a very large mechanical sea creature comprised mainly with large cogs and gears. The materials that the individual pieces of SCP-4XXX are comprised of are metals such as copper, steel, and iron, and non-metallic materials such as bone and cartilage which are theorized to come from the various creatures SCP-4XXX consumes. SCP-4XXX consumes every living entity around it in a hostile manner. However it will occasionally come across an individual living creature and label it as a "superior entity". Entities that SCP-4XXX identify as superior will suddenly be overcome with an unbreakable urge to "join" it. This effect is not limited to just sea creatures, as indicated by incident SCP-4XXX-1-B. One of the Foundation's researchers Dr. [REDACTED] was overcome by this effect, and had to be restrained as he attempted to throw himself into the water. Creatures that are deemed as a "superior entity" assimilate into SCP-4XXX by willing dissection that its previous victims provide. The machine thoroughly observes the entire physical structure of these victims and reorganizes itself to match specific portions of the dissected entity. The remains of the dissected entity are alive the whole process, but show no signs of discomfort. SCP-4XXX will fix the remains of these entities on its back, where they will still continue to live and assist in the dissection process of other organisms. The entities show no signs of decay.

*Dr. [REDCTED] has still not overcome SCP-4XXX's effects, and is currently being utilized as a type of lure by the Foundation to redirect SCP-4XXX's traveling patterns. He has been labeled as SCP-4XXX-2.

*The recorded creatures SCP-4XXX has successfully assimilated are: a vampire squid, three pelicans, a moray eel, a species of starfish known as the "Crown of Thorns", two great white sharks, and a human child (The child has not yet been identified, but physically appears to be of Hispanic origin). Each of these creatures serve separate yet collaborative roles in the process of dissecting other organisms, each body function is utilized as a tool. Currently with all of the replicated parts in total on SCP-4XXX, it has become a very diverse creature, with a total length of 157 meters. "It's a complete mess of different parts of different organisms, it sure as hell doesn't look like anything from Earth." -Dr. Jack Bremian.

The machine was brought to the attention of the foundation after an elderly man who requested to be referred to as Ayler approached the Foundation directly. The man was taken in for questioning, and from the information he provided he has been classified as SCP-4XXX-1.

**First Interview with SCP-4XXX-1 (Before foundation confirmation of SCP-4XXX's existence.)

Audio Log

Interviewer: Dr. Kaima

Interviewed: SCP-4XXX-1 (Mr. Ayler)

<Begin Log 1>

Dr. Kaima: Hello Mr. Ayler.

Mr. Ayler (SCP-4XXX-1): Hello Doctor, it's a pleasure to meet you.

Dr. Kaima: You claim to have seen a large mechanical sea creature off the coasts of [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]?

Mr. Ayler (SCP-4XXX-1): Yes mam, I was also the one who constructed it.

Dr. Kaima: Who helped you build it?

Mr. Ayler (SCP-4XXX-1): Nobody, I performed all pysical construction alone from what I recall.

Dr. Kaima: What did you build this creature to look like?

Mr. Ayler (SCP-4XXX-1): Everything that it considers to be appropriate for survival.

Dr. Kaima: Can you be more specific, Mr. Ayler?

Mr. Ayler (SCP-4XXX-1): Yes, it will assimilate some creatures it encounters, and consume others. The assimilated ones are studied and mimicked, while the rest are simply discarded. It looks like a large jumble of parts at this point.

Dr. Kaima: Why did you build this machine?

Mr. Ayler (SCP-4XXX-1): I built it simply to see if I could, and I felt a little compelled to. The only thing that ever brought me real joy in my life was magic, and I studied all kinds that I could find as much as I could. But I never could apply it with tangible results. This machine is practically my life's work, and the only result of all of my attempts.

Dr. Kaima: Where did you learn what you did about magic?

Mr. Ayler (SCP-4XXX-1): An old childhood friend of mine gave me several books about it, claiming that she feared them. I don't blame her with how dark some passages were. However I decided to continue studying them regardless, and finally one of those pages proved to work! I can tell your Foundation is going to want them, so I would be happy to donate them.

<End of log 1>

**Second Interview with SCP-4XXX-1

Audio Log

Interviewer: Dr. Kaima

Interviewed: SCP-4XXX-1 (Mr. Ayler)

<Begin Log 2>

Two Days have passed since the first interview, Dr. Kaima had just entered the room.

Mr. Ayler (SCP-4XXX-1): Hello Doctor.

Dr. Kaima: Hello again Mr. Ayler.

Mr. Ayler (SCP-4XXX-1): Have you found it yet?

Dr. Kaima: Yes we have, however our first group of researchers were killed and consumed by it. We would have appreciated it if you would have provided any indication as to how hostile it was.

Mr. Ayler (SCP-4XXX-1): I apologize, I didn't realize that it has become that aggressive.

Dr. Kaima: Mr. Ayler, That machine is far larger than anything we believe one man could build, please tell us how you managed to build that all on your own.

Mr. Ayler (SCP-4XXX-1): Well when I fist built it, it was far smaller than that. It was about the size of a small fishing boat when I first finished it. I suppose it simply built itself up like… a rolling snowball, perhaps? It certainly would have enough time to build itself, because I constructed it about five years ago.

Dr. Kaima: If that's so, then it's growing at an alarming rate, Mr. Ayler. We're looking into the books you provided, which one did you use specifically to create it?

[Dr. kaima places the four books that SCP-4XXX-1 donated on the table. SCP-4XXX-1 identifies the book titled "Darkest of the Occult, a professional list of the arts." as the one he utilized. The particular book was written in a language foreign to SCP-4XXX-1, and had to be deciphered by the foundation.]

Mr. Ayler (SCP-4XXX-1): I used the one that appeared the most tattered. That one yielded results, and the spell I used was one on the last few pages. Here, I'll show you.

[SCP-4XXX-1 flips the pages to the end of the book, and after a moment of observation he points to a section of the book with various unknown symbols in a diamond shape.]

Dr. Kaima: Do you understand what any of this says?

Mr. Ayler (SCP-4XXX-1): Oh, no, I have no idea. I tried them all without the comfort of understanding any of what I may or may not have been doing. That last spell, the one I identified, didn't necessarily make the machine come to life. I didn't even build it yet by then because I didn't know what any spell would do. Once I copied the patterns of that spell on a separate paper, it began to smoke and burn the paper. Then it gave me wisdom for a brief time, it felt as if someone was suddenly there to help me understand the book. I used my newfound wisdom to search through the book to find something, anything interesting. I found one that I barely understood even with my new knowledge, but I felt drawn to it. That of course lead to the events we are experiencing today.

Dr. Kaima: So you lost your understanding of the book soon after then?

Mr. Ayler (SCP-4XXX-1): Yes, it all just… vanished. I can't remember what the book said, or even what I did for the ritual. Whatever force was guiding me just used and left me. All that whatever it was left me was an understanding of what the machine currently does. That's why I came here after a while, I'm afraid of this… monster.

<End of log 2>

Mr. Ayler (SCP-4XXX-1) is still in the custody of the Foundation, and is being cooperative in all Foundation requests. He himself hadn't intended to create SCP-4XXX but it would appear something used him as a tool to do so. Research is being done into all of his books to find what entity it may have been.

Soon after researcher [REDACTED] became affected by SCP-4XXX's influence, he was detained and interviewed. Below are the results from said interview.

**First interview of SCP-4XXX-2

Audio Log

Interviewer: Dr. Zachary

Interviewed: SCP-4XXX-2 (REDACTED)

<Begin Log 3>

[Foundation researcher [REDACTED] is currently under SCP-4XXX's full influence]

Dr. Zachary: Hello [REDACTED], how do you feel?

[REDACTED] (SCP-4XXX-2): [Stays silent]

Dr. Zachary: Do you recall any of what just happened? [REDACTED]?

[SCP-4XXX-2 Remains silent, then begins to pray to what is assumed to be SCP-4XXX. After approximately a minute of this he addresses Dr. Zachary.]

[REDACTED] (SCP-4XXX-2): Please take me back to my my other half. I feel it calling.

Dr. Zachary: You mean SCP-4XXX?

[REDACTED] (SCP-4XXX-2): Why, of course SCP-4XXX. This is the subject of this interview, isn't it?

Dr. Zachary: It is, why do you believe SCP-4XXX is a part of you? You haven't even heard of this creature before recently. I'm just confused about your sudden shift in mentality.

[SCP-4XXX-2 stands up calmly.]

[REDACTED] (SCP-4XXX-1): It revealed the truth to me, there's no way I could have known previously without it reminding me. My purpose is to become it, and help myself gather the rest of my broken pieces.

Dr. Zachary: Alright then… you do understand this entity's anomalous effects, correct? And I know you're aware of what it does to its "Superior Entities".

[SCP-4XXX-2 smiles with an abnormal patience.]

[REDACTED]: I know of your perspective, this must seem terribly confusing. The old me wasn't me, just an illusion to help me get here. I am my true self now, and I will soon reform.

[SCP-4XXX-2 then turns to his right, and stares in the direction SCP-4XXX is located. He didn't respond to any questions asked after.]

<End of log 3>

SCP-4XXX-2 has made several failed attempts to escape, and currently refuses to speak, eat, or drink. However, despite his lack of activity his body has not sustained any negative health defects from refusing nourishment. It is unknown how he is still alive and functional. The effects of SCP-4XXX had caused a dramatic shift in personality in SCP-4XXX-2, making him much calmer and oddly more cooperative with Foundation personnel.

SCP-4XXX on the other hand is showing more strength and aggressive behaviors as time progresses as indicated by incident SCP-4XXX-1-A. In the incident it identified the presence of life on the ship [REDACTED] without any indication from the crew. It rose to the surface and ripped a hole across the lower left portion of the ship, sinking it and submerging all Foundation personnel into the water. There were no survivors, as approximately 80% of them were consumed by SCP-4XXX and the remaining crew perished from either drowning or radiation poisoning.

Researchers are theorizing that it may be progressively getting more intelligent with each assimilation. Recently various changing frequencies of sound, vibration, and radio waves have been emitting from it. Dr. Jack Bremian discovered that each of these frequencies are attempted forms of communication from the machine. Only two fragmented messages, however, have been identified as decipherable. They read as: "Return myself." and "Stop crowding me." Since then it has been emitting larger amounts of radiation possibly as a defense mechanism. The radiation's field has become large enough to render the location around it inhabitable by any life for an extended period of time, forcing foundation sea vessels to pursue it from an extended distance. It has made tracking and detouring more difficult.