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Instance of SCP-3278-A disconnected from device

Item #: SCP-3278

Special Containment Procedures: All samples for research are to be kept in pressurized environments when testing procedure allows. To compensate for effects should an instance be damaged, the current testing chamber should be fitted with airlocks and means to create a high pressure environment. If removed for testing, instances are to be handled with caution when charged to prevent catastrophic implosion and destruction of site resources. Any individual with knowledge of SCP-3278 is to be interviewed and given amnestics. information about, , and access to instances of SCP-3278 is to be restricted to researchers with a clearance of 2 and up.

Description: SCP-3278 is a line of batteries designed for use in devices designed by █████ Electronics to replace conventional models. The instances appear to look similar to standard cell phone, tablet, or laptop batteries (SCP-3278- A, B, and C, respectively), but have no logo, label, or marking on the case besides two vents that align with corresponding holes in the casing of the devices.

Analysis of destroyed instances show that the devices are mostly comprised of a miniature vacuum chamber comprised of an unknown alloy of aluminum and steel. SCP-3278 act as power sources for
small electronics, but instead of storing input power when plugged into a household outlet, the device will slowly expel up to 400 kg of air through the vents over the course of 12 hours, then will proceed to generate power by allowing a constant flow of air through a simple turbine and back into the device. This turbine is located in the instance in cellular models, and in the place of the cooling fan in laptop model. This turbine produces the minimum energy required for the device to function, but can do so over the course of approximately a week. The source of the air has yet to be determined, as any attempts to inspect the inside of the device requires the vacuum chamber to be breached, resulting in implosion, and permanently ceasing the anomalous effects. If the vacuum chamber is breached in any way, the device will violently implode, taking the equivalent of the remaining “charge” from the surrounding area. This results in moderate damage if the “debt” is low, up to a destructive implosion causing major damage to the surrounding area. In testing, a “detonated” instance of SCP-3278-A has been shown to be able to destroy an average house with the suction. When fully "charged", instances are put under far more strain, meaning that the instances are more easily broken. When uncharged, instances are able to withstand as much strain as expected from the material.

Test 1
Researcher name: Dr. ████
Outline: In a reconstruction of a standard foundation testing chamber, a half “charged” instance of SCP-3278-A is suspended by a simple mechanical claw, then dropped 1.5 meters onto floor.
Results: Instance hits floor, vacuum chamber damaged, mostly consisting of the claw and cement/paint as the reconstruction is air-tight.

Test 2
Researcher name: Dr. ██████████
Outline: An uncharged instance of SCP-3278-A is placed in an airtight chamber able to withstand the pressure exerted by the “charging” process. A standard charging cord is attached to a power source set to activate when the chambers seals are tightened.
Results: approximately 5 minutes after plugged in the pressure in the room causes the instance to rupture, causing the room to equalize with little adverse effects besides destruction of the instance.

Test 3
Researcher name: Dr. ██████████
Outline: An uncharged instance of SCP-3278-C is installed in the corresponding █████ Electronics brand laptop, then charged in a room with ventilation to a larger room to prevent When fully “charged”, the device is unplugged and left on.
Results: "Charge" lasts approximately 6.5 days

Incident report 3278-01
Date: ██/██/████ 16:34 - 16:37
Location: Site: ██, Hawking wing, floor -6, stairwell A
Involved: One (1) SCP-3278-A (fully charged), ████ ███ (intern)
Incident: 16:34: Instance being carried by ████ to containment lockers after testing.
16:35: ████ reaches stairwell A, after descending approximately 2 flights, then trips, causing the instance to fall to the bottom of the current flight. Instance falls approximately 12 feet, causing catastrophic structural failure.
Post incident affects: 1 instance of SCP-3278 destroyed, heavy damage to stairwell and several surrounding rooms, ████ ████’s remains are to be given to their relatives under cover-story 243. Researchers █████ and ███████ are to be kept on unpaid leave for 4 weeks, and are to be restricted to work with safe class anomalous objects for not briefing ████ on safety protocols when handling instances of SCP-3278.