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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a standard 10ml sterile syringe with the exception of the unit indicator (the letters ‘LCK’ replacing the usual ‘ml’ for measuring capacity). Attached to the syringe is what seems to be a detachable needle, though no attempt to remove it without damaging the object was successful.

The object was obtained for the Foundation by the inside contact on the local police of [DATA REDACTED]. The object was previously in possession of Paul ██████ a serial killer on [DATA EXPUNGED], and was taken from him after he was shot by a group of eleven policemen as he escaped the scene of his latest crime. This resulted in nine heavily injured and one dead policeman due a simultaneous misfire of their respective weapons. While the remaining shot it Mr.██████ in the head, no vital areas were damaged and he recovered extremely quickly on the penitentiary hospital.

Through numerous testing it had been determined that while the needle seems to be in perfect condition ,the object seems to be unable to suck in any kind of fluid, regardless of the force applied on the plunger.

Its abnormal proprieties manifest when the object is used on a human being, in that case the needle will never stop until it is buried on its flesh, passing through any protection that the subject might be wearing which isn’t thicker than the needles length. Once it is inside the subject’s body, the plunger can be easily pushed out, and the syringe will suck velvet colored liquid from the subject’s body.

This process does not leave any mark on the subject’s body

While the substance obtained this way had been analyzed and identified as usual drinking water, an unidentified chemical compound present on it is what gives the fluid the velvet tint.

Following Dr.N█████ theories several experiments were granted in order to know what happened with individuals after being subjected to SCP-XXXX, as the accidental death of D-XXXX-2 had been too quick and no information could not be taken before his demise.

The know effects of being subjected to an extraction with SCP-XXXX have being found to be directly related to the amount of fluid left on the person, usually resulting in a reduction of the probability of something left to chance ending to their benefit proportional to the amount of ‘luck’ fluid extracted from them. Is it to be noticed that no different subject produced the same amount of fluid that other, is it is theorized that it has a relation with of ‘lucky’ is the subject, but there is no other certain way to test that available to the Foundation.

The last of the measure marking had been identified as a ‘critical point’ in the remaining luck of a subject. When less than that quantity of fluid is left on the subject’s body, the reduction of luck reaches the point where instead of having less fortune the subject will have higher chance of small unfortunate events happening to it. Is to be noted that there is no way of know the amounts of ‘luck’ fluid left on a subject without having extracted all of it before.

When no ‘luck’ is left on the subject the chance of a random fatal accident seems to approach the ██%, with a ██% of subject expiring within the first half hour after extraction. No subject survived the day, even with careful monitoring and constant medical assistance.


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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The current iteration of SCP-XXXX is a otherwise blank sheet of standard office-paper, stored on the secure locker nº███ on Site ██ inside of a regular file folder along with a copy of this file.

Testing must not damage SCP-XXXX itself, damage to the paper should be prevented but may be done if necessary. Any deterioration on SCP-XXXX must be notified to Dr.L████, who is in charge of the repairing any damaged sections before a creation event can take place.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a group of 97 characters currently appearring on a regular sheet of paper. They form four short sentences on modern english, readable on the addendum.

The characters of SCP-XXXX are always the result of natural events or/and luck, and will invariably reapear somewhere in the world if the previous iteration is damaged to the point of ilegibility, this is called a 'creation event' and will happent exactly 1 hour after the characters are damaged in such a way. Dr.L████ stated the following about the effects of SCP-XXXX:

It's pretty easy, really. There is never anything anomalous involved creation of a SCP-XXXX, its just nature or luck at work, the anomality is in the words themselves. The messagee must exist, and if it not existing, something will happen to make it exist. Like the words were written on causality itself. Dr.L████.

SCP-XXXX iterations can be created by anything and can be on any state of matter. Several of the recorded iterations include between others: cloud formations, groups of naturally placed rocks, fallen trees, cracks on the wall of a cave, accidental stains of paint, veins on a human body, and the disposition a whole city as seen from the air after a terrorist attack. The current iteration is the result of a lucky informatic error on a printer exactly one hour after the previous SCP-XXXX(a cracked window glass) was accidentally broken while it was being examinated.

The interest on SCP-XXXX resides on its verified man-made origin, and that said origin is dated in 199█, while instances of SCP-XXXX has been recorded to exist as far back as in the sumerian empire. Taking into account that the creation events are only linear in time, there is still no satisfactying explanation to this.

Addendum: Text of SCP-XXXX:

Test number one. A.N.L Test number one 1/0█/199█.
I think this machine isn't even working, guys. Oh, wait, nevermind.

Neither the date nor the initials had been associated wih any event, organization or person previously known by the Foundation.