Nurgle33 SCP draft

Item #: SCP-()

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Site SCP() A is to be contained behind a 5m concrete and rebar wall of 5 inches thickness. Infrared cameras are to be positioned at 20m intervals along the wall. An alarm will be sounded if any cameras record a temperature above 40 degrees celsius. The wall is to be patrolled by no less than 10 teams of 3 security personnel armed with high caliber rifles. On sight barracks are to be provided to ensure permanent patrols and a rail system will be constructed to facilitate rapid transport. Site SCP-() is to be designated a nuclear test site to prevent civilian encroachment.

Description: SCP-() is a highly hostile species of sentient, sapient of the newly discovered decarachnid, ten limbed spiders, of which SCP-() is the only member. Male instances of SCP-() can reach sizes of up to 2m in length and weigh between 100 and 120kg upon reaching maturity. Approximately 70% of this mass is composed of high density muscle, allowing male instances of SCP-() to support an enlarged exoskeleton that would typically crush an insect of this size. Female instances of SCP-() weigh between 130 and 140kg, 40% of which is comprised of reproductive organs. This allows female instances products 30 and 50 eggs every year. The front limbs of SCP-() act as manipulator appendages with opposable thumbs, allowing the use of tools.

The anomalous intelligence of SCP-() has allowed them to form a civilisation on an island at latitude ███, longitude ███ south of New Guinea, which shall be designated as SCP-() A, primarily isolated to a network of tunnels. This civilization has progressed to the comparative level of the human bronze age, with the use of primitive bronze tools such as axes and knives observed.While SCP-() is currently in the equivalent of the bronze age, this progression occurred in only 30 to 40 years. Tests involving the exposure of D-Class personnel to contained instances of SCP-() have shown that consumption of the human brain causes the intelligence of individual SCP-() to permanently rise. This is believed to be the reason behind the unprovoked attacks by SCP-() upon humans.

Exploration of the underground tunnels inhabited by SCP-() by the use of flying nanomachines has revealed a population of between 2500 and 3000 instances of SCP-(), as well as a 'queen' who appears capable of controlling instances of SCP-() through pheromones. This has allowed SCP-() to use highly fluid and adaptive tactics in combat, causing their attacks to be highly effective. Male instances of SCP-() are capable of projecting a high velocity mixture of hydrochloric acid and enzymes capable of breaking down both organic and inorganic compounds. This is a highly effective weapon against both human tissue, body armour and all plastics and most metals. Male instances of SCP-() also possess an exoskeleton that is capable of deflecting low caliber bullets. This, combined with the rapid reproduction rate of SCP-(), means that if both a male and female instance of SCP-() breach containment and can not be terminated, an extinction level event may occur.

Further exploration of the tunnel network has also revealed the existence of human 'farms'. It is highly probable that these farms are used to breed humans for consumption, acting as both a food source and facilitating rapid technological developments. If the rate of technological development among SCP-() continues at current speeds, SCP-() will outpace human technological developments in 2 centuries at most. At this point it will be nearly impossible to contain SCP-(). The rate at which the tunnel network inhabited by SCP-() will also accelerate. This makes a surgical strike to eliminate SCP-() unlikely to successfully neutralise the threat, and a nuclear strike or fire bombing will become ineffective in as little as a decade. Due to this, developinb a permanent solution to SCP-() must become a top priority for the Foundation.

SCP-() was discovered when the staff and guests of a holiday resort all went inexplicably missing on the ██/██/████. Foundation security personnel were tasked with securing the perimeter for containment after conformation by agents, resulting in 30 fatalities. The missing civilians are believed to be the original 'breeding stock' for the SCP-() farms.

Footnote: reports of 'giant alien spiders ' in the Australian media are currently being investigated by Foundation agents.