Fear, Loathing and Anomalies on the Campaign Trail '72

Background - SCP-1972 and the Foundation's response1

Although contemporary histories of the Foundation often portray it as an arrogant, foolhardy institution that was undone by its own hubris, this is only a half-truth. It is true inasmuch as it describes the ultimate descent the Foundation took from its once great heights after 1972, but this is only one portion of its long, long history. For most of its existence the Foundation was an institution guided by caution; the belief that anomalies were dangerous, must be kept from the public, and were only to be used when absolutely necessary was its guiding ethos.

How could this institution that saw itself as the guardian of humanity unleash such horrors upon the world? Cause and effect has been difficult for historians since Thucydides, but in the case of the Foundation's downfall it is thankfully easy to pinpoint the event that first saw its guiding principles unravel, enabled by unfortunate circumstances and two ruthless men who would stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

With that, we begin with the 1972 Presidential Election.