The Foundations of Yesterday's Futures

Multi-U, Sharon thought, was a good microcosm of the Foundation as a whole. Exploring and cataloguing multiverses exposed her to life in all of it its forms, be they wonderful, horrifying, or (most commonly) downright weird. The work was endless, the sheer number of realities so large as to take her a lifetime to list, and probably more than one. She enjoyed the challenge, and felt her normally large ego had been somewhat deflated by the reality that her work would never even come close to being done.

Occasionally, she would be allowed to make a request of what sort of reality she would like to research. Since today was her birthday and her work ethic had refused to allow her to take the day off, her supervisor had approved her request to study "paleo-futures" - to be followed by a full summary and report of each, of course. Multi-U technology was still somewhat primitive, but had advanced to the point where realities could now be searched and (usually) contacted with a database and monitor, and more than one researcher had put in some fairly specific and sometimes embarrassing search parameters.

As Sharon took a sip of coffee and started typing on the main computer, she pondered whether to include "Foundation" in her database request. After a few seconds, she typed it in along with "retro" and "2018". Why not see how her World of Tomorrow doppelgangers dealt with the reality of the paranormal? Knowing the monitor and database could only display one reality at a time and took a few minutes to load, she decided to get more specific…