Last Man Standing



Containment Measures:SCP-(XXXX) is to be contained at Site-** and to be placed 100 meters below ground similar to SCP-. No testing shall be carried out. In addition 5 armed and militarized guards are to be placed at the aboveground entrance and are to be given American-standard assault firearms, any secondary firearms except and RPG or Glock pistols. No armed guards, MTF, containment teams, research teams, and testing subjects are to violate this procedure for any reason. In case of a containment breach, all personnel are to eliminate SCP-(XXXX)-2 by any means necessary as long as it does not violate the rules above.

Description:SCP-(XXXX) is a painting 36-by-36 meters and showing a man with an AK standing in what looks like to be a hamlet showing 5 old women farming in a corn field, and 8 children at a shooting range, with 7 of them with Glock-pistols, and one with an a RPG. It also shows around 12 huts behind them. The man with an AK appears to be holding a business man at gunpoint. The man in question is identifiable with •••,••, who went missing at ••/••\••••. Anyone who views the painting will have one's political views changed to those of an anarchist radical, akin to those in the early 20th and late 18th century. The person is now referred to as SCP-(XXXX)-2. SCP-(XXXX)-2 will then attack anyone with an authorian point of view, whether that person is left or right in the economic scale in the political compass. It is unknown how it manages to tell the difference between the authorian and libertarian sympathizers. It attacks only with "anarchist", melee, and hand-to-hand weapons. It will try to influence anyone who is not an authorian sympathizer to join it's cause and it has