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Item #: SCP-1293

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a security locker, wrapped in cloth or another soft material. For testing, item may be transported to any windowless room with soundproof walls, carpeted or padded floors, and an electrical socket. If experimentation area is monitored by live video feed, relevant security personnel are to be informed of item's effects in advance. Although presenting no known dangers to humans other than the possibility of actions consistent with confusion and surprise, SCP-XXXX is fragile.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 120 V compact fluorescent black light bulb with attached 2 m power cord. When plugged in, bulb emits 3 Lm of photons at wavelength ~390 nm as well as variable but minor oscillations of pressure in air rising not above 15 dB and excitement of surrounding particles. All footage collected after the fact indicates these to be consistent with the expected violet light, low hum, and heat of a bulb of its type.

Whenever exposed to the light, hum, or heat of the bulb, about 95% of human subjects report a total absence of subjective experience, similar to the phenomena of "blindsight" but extending to all forms of afference. When information about light or sound is conveyed through an artificial medium, the item's effect is present as long as the relationship of the mechanism to the effect is in real time, for instance, a live broadcast. Affected subjects remain perfectly capable of acting on information obtained through their senses, but report that the "quality" or "flavor" of such data has disappeared.

What causes the effect, and what determines the rough twentieth of subjects to remain unaffected, is yet to be determined.

Document XXXX-01: Dr. Wasser's experiment log.

██-██-████: Subjects were given manila envelope with a page of text and instructed to open it in room with lit SCP-XXXX (and other sources of lighting.) Upon returning, subjects were able to recall content of text with normal degree of accuracy. Those given texts with content coded disturbing or arousing reported that they knew they had physiological reactions like increased heartrate, "goosebumps," or nauseau, but not "properly" emotional ones.

██-██-████: D-class personnel were exposed to item's effect, and to a variety of experiences they had previously reported to be pleasant or unpleasant (such as a favored meal, music they enjoyed, a grating noise, or exposure to a phobia.) Subjects experienced involuntary reactions typically associated with pleasure or pain, but having experienced both did not express preference for one or the other in advance. Subjects were still able to behave in apparently motivated ways, for instance, carrying out instructions, displays of hesitance towards traditionally unpleasant experiences they suspected to be dangerous in the long term, and preference for traditionally (un)pleasant activities to be carried out without (within) the presence of SCP-XXXX rather than within (without) it.

██-██-████: Dr. Mary ███████, a Foundation-unaffiliated professor at the ████████ ██ ██████, was brought in to be exposed to item's effect. Subject had studied psychology, neurobiology, and phenomenology of subjective experience her entire career, and is considered one of the world's foremost experts on the subject. Was also debriefed on everything known about the object's properties. Opined afterwards that, to her surprise, the (non-)experience had taught her nothing. Subject was administered class-A amnesics; associated file referred to Dr. ███████████ for possible recruitment.

██-██-████: Following suggestion of Dr. ████████ that continued ability to process environmental data was psychic in nature, a large (n=100, 100) study of D-class personnel was conducted comparing those who had scored significant (p=.001) results on PRNG and Ganzfield tests to those who had not. Unaffected subjects (those not reporting any unusual effects from SCP-XXXX) were found solely among the control. Principal Investigator (a nonaffectee himself) suggested that this may be due to psychic suppression, but reanalysis categorizing "overnormal" scorers on the PRNG test as a separate population determined that nonafectees were still confined to the control.

██-██-████: Alternate group unable to replicate results on PRNG while under item's effect. (Ganzfield unable to be performed under relevant conditions for obvious reasons.) Results not inconsistent with standard effect decay, however.

██-██-████: Five-month followup study confirms that (non-)experiences can serve (as "actual" counterparts) as basis for development of long-term memory, post-traumatic stress disorder, and skill acquisition.

Addendum XXXX-a: Dr. ██████'s note, ██-██-████:

If we were able to extent item's lifespan, we could engage in mass broadcast. I can think of a few ethical arguments that we should start doing so immediately, although precaution principle seems to rule it out. Are there enough dangers in this to bring her up to Keter?

Addendum XXXX-b: Request for archival and related research to determine safety of mass broadcast of item's effect as retaliation contingency against SCP-████. Review pending.