Oliver The Wolf (2)
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Item #: SCP-3234

Object Class: Keter

Containment Procedures: SCP-3234 must be contained in a 75 m x 75 m x 50 m (L x W x H) artificial habitat resembling where it was first found. Habitat should resemble a temperate forest, with medium to large sized trees, appropriate shrubbery, and a small lake. SCP-3234 should be monitored via thermal imaging. If a containment breach occurs, all personnel should be equipped with thermal sights on their guns, and shoot Class-D tranquilizers if they should encounter SCP-3234.

Thermal imaging must be used in order to find SCP-3234 in containment, as the molecular make-up of SCP-3234 prevents it from appearing as a solid object in regular cameras. SCP-3234, if seen in a regular camera, will look like a faint mist. Out of 100 tested Class-C individuals that were shown a picture with SCP-3234 in said picture, only 3 were able to find SCP-3234.

The habitat should be cleaned bimonthly. There should be no other organisms inside the habitat, as to not create distractions while habitat is being cleaned. No fewer than 10 class D personnel should be present at any time during cleaning, with no fewer than 15 armed guards with Class-D tranquilizers should be present. If any Class-D personnel should show signs of feral activity, they should be terminated immediately and sent to the morgue for immediate autopsy.

The habitat should be checked regularly for any cracks, dents, and/or holes. If any are found, full-site lockdown should be put into place immediately. Any and/or all MTFs should be deployed to site to recapture SCP-3234. SCP-3234 should have no way out of the building. All doors, including regular staff doors and all windows should be closed and locked. SCP-3234 has been seen re-organizing its molecular make up in order to squeeze through [REDACTED] worth of space.

Description: SCP-3234 is a large grey wolf, about 3.6 m long, 1.6 m high, and weighing approx. 130-140 kgs. SCP-3234 expresses a large understanding for the English language and [REDACTED] ability. SCP-3234 can hide in any environment, which is why thermal imaging is mandatory in containing SCP-3234. SCP-3234 is normally docile, but if given the chance for freedom, it will attack anything and everything. In doing this, sometimes it will change a person's mindset via [REDACTED] into nothing but feral savagery, hereby causing riots and mutinies inside of the site.

SCP-3234 was found in a temperate forest, among a pack of 10 other wolves (Normal sized), who will be referred to SCP-3234-1. SCP-3234-1 has shown no hostility towards humanity and prefer to be far away from any civilization as they can. SCP-3234-1 have not been captured as of now. It is not known how SCP-3234 has achieved its hatred for humanity destroying the environment, but it will care for any ecosystem, whether artificial (containment), or natural (wild).

SCP-3234 cannot communicate (Experiment 3234-E-3). SCP-3234 can communicate telepathically via radio waves or speaking in an individual's mind. SCP-3234 has shown in its testing that all radio waves within a 10 meter radius are affected.

SCP-3234 has been seen caring for its environment. Dr.█████ and Researcher ███ have concluded that SCP-3234 has a high sense for economic status quo.

SCP-3234 has shown clear understanding of escape routes from inside its habitat. Although SCP-3234 has only broken out of Site-██ once, it has broken out of its containment cell multiple times.

If SCP-3234 breaks out of the site, contact all MTFs in a 10 mile radius immediately. Retrieval has to be accepted by the majority of the council. If retrieval is rejected, all MTFs should hunt and neutralize SCP-3234, which will be overseen by the O5 council. The O5 council will watch moniter screens relaying the thermal camera feed from the MTF's helmets and give input as the neutralization of SCP-3234 occurs, as to not have any civilian casualties. If accepted, MTFs should replace live ammunition with Class-D tranquilizers.

Audio log from Incident 3234-I-1:

Interviewer: Dr. ███████
Interviewed: Head Researcher (HR) ████ of Site-██

<Begin Log>

██/██/1█, ██:██ P.M.

Dr. ███████: Is this thing on? Good. [Pause] Anything special about this SCP you want to tell me, Mr. ████?

HR ████: Well, Dr. ███████, we found SCP-3234 in a temperate forest, among a pack of normal sized pack of wolves, which you know as SCP-3234-1.

Dr. ███████: Certainly. This is my first time I’m going to… meet… SCP-3234, so any information regarding SCP-3234 will be very helpful.

HR ████: Well, if 3234 is given any opportunity for escape, it will take it; and it will succeed, no matter who or what is in its way.

Dr. ███████: Who or what? What does 3234 do?

HR ████: Well, he… um… he [REDACTED] to our last group, and proceeded to [REDACTED].

Dr. ███████: I… I think I’m going to be sick.

HR ████: I was the first time I witnessed it. [Long Pause] Oh, look! SCP-3234's containment Cell is being cleaned.

The two walk over to the window overseeing SCP-xxxx’s cell. A group of 25 walk into xxxx’s cell.

Dr. ███████: I see you use Class-D personnel… good choice.

HR ████: It’s all we can use safely. They are, of course, expendable.

[Very long pause]

Dr. ███████: Oh my god!

HR ████: Sound the alarm! Full site lockdown initiated!

An alarm starts blaring. Sounds of retching can be heard, presumably from Dr. ███████. Above the alarm, gunshots can be heard along with loud growls and barks. Glass can be heard breaking.

HR ███: SCP-3234 has broken into the complex! Dr. ███████, it’s been nice knowing you…

Dr. ███████: What?! AH!

Sounds of [REDACTED] can be heard, along with [REDACTED]. The voice recorder is hit with tremendous force, causing it to fall of the table.

<End Log>

Audio log from Experiment 3234-E-1:

Interviewer: Dr. ██
Interviewed: SCP-3234

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██: So… we’ve captured you again. How does that make you feel?

SCP-3234: [Silence]

Dr.██: I already know the answer to this, but I'm going to ask anyway, because I have to. Can you speak?

Static emits from the until now silent radio.

Dr. ██: What the…?

Radio: You think I'm not capable of speech, Mr. ██?

Dr. ██: [Looks at SCP-3234 with disbelief] How?

Radio (Presumably SCP-3234): You thought I was just a regular wolf? Well, I’ll tell you something about me, Mr. ██.

The radio cuts back to static, and Dr. ██’s facial expression goes from curiosity to horror.

Dr. ██: You’re not serious?! You're saying nothing can stop this? You do know that there are people out there that care for the environment… right?

SCP-3234 nods.

Radio: Yes… The people who kill the environment have a certain… smell…

Dr. ██: I think we’re done here.

SCP-3234 appears to smirk.

<End Log>

Audio log was recorded two days before SCP-xxxx broke out of containment. Upon retrieval, Dr. ██ was found dead. SCP-xxxx had apparently [REDACTED] Dr. ██. This had caused a mass outbreak of [REDACTED] upon site-██. SCP-xxxx was moved to site-██ for further testing.