SCP-3383 "The Shadow Man"

Item #: SCP-3383

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3383 is to be kept in a 4x4 room and walls are to be infused with titanium and is to be restrained to the floor with titanium cuffs around the arms and legs of SCP-3383 .Due to SCP-3383 manipulative nature the following Protocols should be followed:

  • Have 4 Security Guards armed with 5.56 mm Caliber M16 bullets are to be laced with Titanium
  • A Electrical 100,000 Volts amped into the Containment Door

If SCP-3383 were to breach get SCP-3383-1 and find and get close to 3383 and shout this incantation "Dah Ro Fus Kah Ma Ki Shi Mah" it will trap in SCP-3383-1 and head to SCP-3383 Containment Cell and Recite the Incantation which will release SCP-3383 and quickly cuff 3383 back and reseal the door.

Description: SCP-3383 consists of the following a elder man with a white beard that appears to be in mid 50's appears to be British according to his accent SCP-3383 seems to be proper but has a manipulative manner SCP-3383 attire is a purple tuxedo with a purple tophat and one purple hart wood cane he is 1.8m in height and 99kg in weight he has the power of Telepathy,Telekinesis, Dimension Warper, and Summoning ** See addendum 3383-01** the following things he conjurers is which we took the courtesy of naming 3383-A are:

  • A 3-headed beast that looks like a [REDACTED] creature from the [DATA EXPUNGED] who has Inhuman strength, can take a M82A1 round to the body without any slight discomfort which there for regenerates the only possible known way to kill it is to the three head
  • A armadillo like creature who rolls and when it comes in contact with you it [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-3383-1 is a golden orb that has ancient scribes on it that doesn't appear to be human handwriting from our sources Laguna Mountain Environmental(LME) but when chanting a certain incantation that we were informed by 3383 thinking he was going to use it to collect █████ for himself which ended backfiring when we found out it could be used against him.

Audio Log from Interview: 3383-Log 1:

Interviewed: SCP-3383
Interviewer: Dr. Ambert
Foreword: To see why he does these horrific things, and to see his origins
< Begin Log, 6-26-19██>
Dr.Ambert: Why do you seek to destroy reality?
SCP-3383: Well you see Doctor Just as you seek to know what these [Pauses] c-cretins are and how they came to be it's like that.
Dr.Ambert: I don't quite get what you said it makes no sense to me.
SCP-3383: Ok since you didn't get it let's me make it simple I like to seek to destroy realities as much as you like to research these beings and are oddly attracted to one of them.
‘Dr.Ambert: I-I don’t know what you are talking about.
SCP-3383: Ah you have a nice son and wife you have there would be a shamed if they blew away like dust in the wind
Dr.Ambert: Get out of my head don't threaten me I could put 50 Titanium bullets right in your skull so don't test me, Now when were you born?
SCP-3383: Well when I was born or came into existence there really wasn't a time and it was in a different dimension and another timeline.
Dr.Ambert: Ok where were you born or as you say came into existence?
SCP-3383: [inaudible Speech]
Dr.Ambert: I can't comprehend what you said.?
SCP-3383: It is a ancient saying of the way of my people.
Dr.Ambert: There are more of you?
SCP-3383: No not any more.
Dr.Ambert: How come?
SCP-3383: Because [pause] I slayed them all they were just simply too weak and incompetent being who life just absolutely a udder disgrace to life.
Dr.Ambert: Ok I think that is where I'll end it off
< End Log >
Closing Statement: This Has been from what I have seen a heartless being who just kills I will continue this also I will contact Higher Ups for a termination possibly a counter measure to SCP-682 until then I will do more logs

Addendum 3383-1-01 [Footage Recovered from Incident]

<Begin Log, 1-04-19██>
HoR Jackle: I'm not going to ask you again tell me why did you [DATA EXPUNGED]
SCP-3383: Oh deary you I assure you I didn't [DATA EXPUNGED] but all I can say is for such a weak mind like yours it is fairly easy just to…
Then HoR Jackle gets up and activates a lever in the room and sets 3383 free.
SCP-3383: Hehe I know just what to do with you
[HoR Jackle Screams] then [DATA EXPUNGED]
[Guards Scream] their eyes became [DATA EXPUNGED]
SCP-3383: Hm don't need you spying on me.
[Camera then Shuts Down]

Addendum 3383-1-02 [Footage from MTF Nu7 PvT ███████ and TRT Supervisor ███ Body Armor]

<Begin Log, 6-09-19██>
MTF Nu7 PvT ███████ What the hell is going on in there?!
TRT Supervisor ███> We have a mass containment Breach it all started because of the Damned old man he corroded the control to SCPS Containment and then that fucking British guy ughh, did you evacuate the Researchers and █████?
MTF Nu7 PvT ███████ Yeah they are gone,do you have 3383-1?
TRT Supervisor ███ I have it also I want to try something new with 3383-1.
MTF Nu7 PvT ███████ And that is?
TRT Supervisor ███ I have my men ready in a firing squad to weaken 3383 and since -1 stuns him this can probably actually hurt that son of a bitch.
MTF Nu7 PvT ███████ Okay that might due I hope you are right about this.
[3383 transmits into the Foundations Comms]
SCP-3383 Greetings Humans this is your fellow Keter SCP speaking also as you guys call me 3383 I have transformed this place into a eh a portal to my dimension and will be commencing in 24 hours so have fun and don't die bye bye
MTF Nu7 PvT ███████ Well ███ Do it Now Please.
[Gun Shouts Heard in Comms] [Screams Heard]
TRT Supervisor ███ *Huff* *Huff* Target *Huff* Down he can sure pack a punch he killed 10 of my men he just [DATA EXPUNGED] them wait what is going on 3381-1 is glowing!
SCP-3383 You wretched Scoundrel of a Squad *Coughs* you manage to impair my abilities going to take a while to regenerate okay… I will comply with you for now.
Aftermath Due the Event that happened this will be added to a Containment Procedure request for termination is still in progress.