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Item#: SCP-000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All roads and pathways leading to SCP-000's entrance are to be blocked off by Area-██ security. Any unauthorized personnel that are seen breaching the perimeter are to be sedated and later questioned. Any testing of SCP-000 must be approved by at least two members of Level 3 personnel or higher.

All authorized personnel entering SCP-000 are to be accompanied by a small animal or team of four. Should any member of the team go missing, all personnel must immediately retreat back to the entrance. Disappearance of any personnel will be presumed dead upon notice.

Description: SCP-000 is a large woodland estimated to be around 6 kilometers in radius stretching all directions, located in ████████ pines, Sweden. No forms of life other than SCP-000-1 have been recorded to inhabit SCP-000. The trees that make up the woodland are no taller than 5 meters in height and spaced 7 feet apart from each other. The thick fog of SCP-000 has had no signs of dissipating from the woodland, although the fog can be seen to stop at the borders of the tree line where SCP-000 begins. The discovery of SCP-000 and SCP-000-1 was brought to the attention of the foundation once reports of mass disappearances began to surface. Testing of SCP-000 began immediately after construction of area-██.

Various D-class have witnessed occasional violent "twitching" or "Shaking" motions of the trees. These bursts of motion are quite brief and pose no threat although are unsettling enough to trigger emotional shock or trauma.

Experimentation on SCP-000 using D-class personnel have shown that all D-class entering the woodland alone are still missing and are presumed dead, as for those in groups have returned back with statements of witnessing of SCP-000-1.


sketch of SCP-000-1.

All surviving D-class that where subjected to SCP-000 describe the woodland as being mute, eerie and unsettling upon arrival, said to have an unnatural silence and sensations of being watched or examined from the fog.

SCP-000-1: Sightings of SCP-000-1 have only ever been witnessed by surviving D-class upon returning from team experiments involving SCP-000. SCP-000-1 has been described to appear like an elk in shape with a blank featureless disk for a face. The limbs of SCP-000-1 are said to be "Stilt like" with no visible hoofs. SCP-000-1 is said to stalk groups from the amongst the fog but will never attempt to attack them or get closer to the group.

Means of how SCP-000-1 kills is yet unknown but most evidence shows that victims are dragged and mutilated due to marks imprinted into the ground followed by prints in the soil of what is believed to be SCP-000-1. Several items from missing D-class personnel have been found and retrieved from later experimentation. Items like tattered jump suits that have signs of violent struggling.

Additional notes: All survivors/witnesses of SCP-000-1 have resulted in showing extreme symptoms of paranoia and anxiety. Bringing up the existence of SCP-000-1 to witnesses will trigger panic and fear that lasts for 3-7 hours (some going as far to attempt suicide).