Otari "Zver'" Vladislav, leader of GoI-0432 ("The Hunter's Black Lodge").

OPERATION FALKENRATH involved the infiltration of GoI-0432. Known as "The Hunter's Black Lodge" (or simply the "Black Lodge"), GoI-0432 has been linked to extortion, murder, robbery, gambling, prostitution, human trafficking, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, and underground fighting rings. While these activities are not inherently anomalous, the anomalous capabilities of GoI-0432 has had an aberrant effect on their practice. These anomalies include:

  • The trafficking and distribution of anomalous pharmaceutical agents, primarily in the form of the anabolic-androgenic steroid "Ярость"1. The intravenous injection of Ярость triggers anomalous levels of muscle and bone growth. Continued and/or excessive use will result in Proteus-Cronenberg syndrome and/or death. Presently classified SCP-XXXX-████.
  • The tracking and distribution of "Похоть"2, a potent narcotic and increasingly prevalent3 "club drug". Normally sold in small, glass vials, it is administered to the body through insufflation into the sinus cavities (injection has been found to be universally fatal). Substance triggers various sensory hallucinations, increased heart palpitations, increased sexual arousal, and feelings of euphoria; studies have shown the substance to be more addictive than heroin. These effects are non-anomalous (the substance likely created with profit in mind) but the substance itself appears to be derived from the bile of an unidentified species of animal and has thus been classified as SCP-XXXX-████.
  • The trafficking and distribution of biological agents, including pathogens and toxins deemed anomalous by the Foundation. The creation and distribution of "Красная Смерть"4 represents an exceptionally high level threat. Already classified as SCP-███, information regarding the "Red Death" is presently only available on a need-to-know basis.
  • Victims of GoI-0432 have been discovered impaled by large organic spines5 or completely torn apart. Cadavers display injuries suggestive of attacks by several different animals such as bloody hoofprints, wounds consistent with goring by a horned or tusked animal, and teeth-marks indicative of a large, lupine organism.

The Foundation became aware of GoI-0432 in wake of the USSR's dissolution, when many anomalies and documents relating to anomalies would be transferred to Foundation control by GRU Division "P". The existence of GoI-0432 would be further corroborated by former members of GRU Division "P". It appears that they were unable to fully contain or neutralize the threat presented by GoI-0432 and its associated anomalies, with one source describing the apparent destruction of the organization on several occasions - only for it to reappear months later, more dangerous than before.

Agent ████ S████ of MTF Psi-13 ("Witch Hunters") was officially tasked with the infiltration of GoI-0432 on 04/11/1994 as part of OPERATION FALKENRATH. MTF Psi-13 is a highly classified joint Foundation/GOC task force created as part of Project: Sitra Achra. MTF Psi-13 is designed for the infiltration of Sarkic6 organizations and the termination of high threat members.

As part of Project: Sitra Achra, MTF Psi-13 operatives are trained in Counter Occult Stratagems (COS) and the use of corrosive/incendiary armaments; each agent equipped with a SIG Sauer P226 modified for the use of incendiary and corrosive ammunition.

Under the alias "Dominik Myshkin", Agent S████ operated in Moscow as a contract killer in order to develop a criminal reputation and ultimately gain the attention of GoI-0432. On 01/20/1995, Agent S████ was contacted by members of GoI-0432 and instructed to visit Фонари крaсныеi.

Фонари крaсныеi ("Red Lanterns") is a popular nightclub/adult entertainment establishment located in the Golyanovo District. Employed as a Black Lodge front, it is suspected of being involved in forced prostitution, human trafficking, and the distribution of illegal (frequently anomalous) narcotics. It is believed that local law enforcement has not intervened due to corruption and intimidation by GoI-0432.

Agent S████ was not equipped with a recording device due to the delicate nature of the mission. Instead, information was transferred to the Foundation via dead drop7. Agent S████ entered the nightclub at 2100, 01/25/1995, equipped with a SIG Sauer P226. He is observed being approached by a bouncer, which Agent S████ proceeds to follow after a short conversation. An agent inside the nightclub reports seeing S████ being escorted to an upstairs VIP suite overlooking the main floor. Agent S████ does not exit the nightclub until 0800, 01/29/1995. A message would later be delivered to the dead drop site at approximately 2100.

The Foundation would henceforth receive biweekly mission reports from Agent S████.

On 05/13/1995, Agent █████ V███ (an MTF Psi-13 operative and close associate of Agent S████) received a phone call from Agent S████; unavailable at the time, a message was left on his answering machine. The call was traced to a payphone in the Basmanny District. It remains unknown why Agent S████ called Agent V███ instead of Mission Command (as per protocol).


It's ████. If you're there, pick up the phone. Listen. I totally lost control. I wasn't strong enough. I'm in over my head. I drink and inject and snort and it NEVER goes away. They pulled it out from deep inside, showed me the way of all flesh.

I remember everything. She was so small. So defenseless. Just a lost little lamb wandering this godforsaken forest. Where there should have been pity? Where there should have been fucking COMPASSION? There was only the instinct. Only hunger.

Saw my reflection in her wide doe eyes. Saw what I had become.

I am the wolf.

Agent S████ was declared MIA on 05/13/1995.