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Duty even in undeath.

Note: The folllowing transcription is from **POI-XXXX, placed into containment as SCP-[REDACTED].

I remember the first day they showed up. It was ingrained in my memory as in if it was etched in steel. Dressed in robes of steel wool, and speaking in tones of almost robotic tones. Voices spoke of a god. Something broken.

w e b ring gifts of it, protecting us all
of holy peace an d pr ospe rity, progress

I, a doctor in a small town, one perhaps lost to time and to the world as well. They brought tithes of gears and mechanisms. I was astounded for the first time. Operating tables, mechanisms I have not seen in my small training I have never been trained to do.

It was astounding, these people? no I don't claim to know why or for what reason they chose this place, this rundown town in the middle of… ah. I'm sorry I seem to forget, my head… is full of gears and mechanisms even unknown to me.

They spoke of communal help, they spoke of healing the sick flesh, by replacing it. I of course attempted to stop them. I begged to the supposed leader, I remember now.

I was standing in my office, cleaning folders full of patients, looking for the various injuries in my small village. My office was a humble place, almost always dirty, perhaps to dirty for proffesional work.

Then she walked in, the leader. Dressed in robes of silver covered in iconography a high preistess? I don't recall more. I just remember asking, why?

Why of all places? Here?

I looked at her, a figure spoke with an unnatural grace. Eyes that shone in an unnatural red light.

you have a potential to be more, please accept our offer
to help others live, through the word of our god

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Instances of SCP-XXX-1 after Ondograph Event XXX-Rho

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-XXX SCP-XXX cannot be transferred to another site. Provisional Site-16-Psi1 is to be built around the area surrounding SCP-XXX.

Site-16-Psi is to be walled off and sealed under the guise of a condemned building. Trespassers are to be interrogated and then amnestied. In order to maintain the proper functioning environment, and to prevent the anomalous effects of SCP-XXX from spreading further. Multiple D-Class Personnel are to be introduced into SCP-XXX's area of effect.

Instances of SCP-XXX-A are to be kept inside of a standard containment chamber.

Description: SCP-XXX refers to a █████ juvenile around the age of at least ██-██. SCP-XXX also refers to the anomalous effect surrounding the area SCP-XXX2.

The Instance of SCP-XXX-A is capable of creating localized ZK-Reality restructuring events and affecting the biology of sapient beings.

Subjects within the range of SCP-XXX-B during an Ondograph-XXX-Rho Event will anomalously be converted into instances of SCP-XXX-1. If any subject

Instances of SCP-XXX-1 resemble human skeletons, although mainly human instances of SCP-XXX-1 have been recovered instances of SCP-XXX-1 resembling other creatures have been recovered.

Other subjects have been recovered in a state of near death often with many organs and limbs being replaced with paper mache, colored plastic, and various species of flora. Instances of SCP-XXX-A who have transformed fully have been recorded as hostile, attempting to strangle other sapient beings.

As of writing one instance of SCP-XXX-A who has not attempted to attack other subjects has been contained. SCP-XXX-A claims to have been involved in [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]

Notes: SCP-XXX-A

Interview XXX-15: An interview with a sapient instance of SCP-XXX-A3

Interviewer Dr. Aubrey Karen

Interviewed: SCP-XXX-A (Formerly Dr. George Almaz)
<Begin Log>
Dr.Karen: SCP-XXX-A how are you feeling?

SCP-XXX-A: I am feeling adequate, of course, I have some objections toward my treatment as an SCP object.

Dr.Karen: What are your objections?

SCP-XXX-A: None, worth mentioning however, I assume the reason for this interview is other than my confinement to this containment chamber. That being said, what are those reasons?

Dr.Karen: What occured during your, transformation?

SCP-XXX-A: Ahh, the blinding flash and smell of wax, the sensation of burning and of eternity.

Dr.Karen: Can you describe this in a clearer fashion?

SCP-XXX-A: What more is there to be described?, there is a level 3 reality bender that is unaware that they are converting nearly half a square of humans into highly decorated necrotic beings?

Dr.Karen: I am requesting the sensation and a description of what transpired during your transformation.

SCP-XXX-A: Why… Exactly?

Dr.Karen: You have been the only instance of SCP-XXX-A that appears to have any sapience, this is highly unusual.

SCP-XXX-A: I suppose that isnt much of a suprise considering the circumstances.

Dr.Karen: What do you mean?

SCP-XXX-A: Before, my… er transformation I was working on an experimental way on halting the effects of SCP-XXX, it seems to have worked… at least partially.

Dr.Karen: was this project approved under your superior?

SCP-XXX-A: Unfortunately no, it was a small side project… not really worth mentioning

Dr.Karen: What were the procedures for this project.

SCP-XXX-A: Simple really, using the blood of SCP-XXX and using its effects to conteract the rate of transformation that many personnel have undergone.

Dr.Karen: And what did you uncover?

SCP-XXX-A: Nothing, nada, zilch. It seems that things like these are much harder to figure out at first glance. It might seem simple from a theoretical standpoint. But in practice its so much more deep, there are so much more. You see its been theorized that maybe this SCP converts fat to wax when creating these structures, but what of the paper? What of the tape and laminated flowers?

Dr.Karen: What are you trying to say?

SCP-XXX-A: This is more than just reality bending this is legitimately something more, something or maybe someone…

Dr.Karen: Someone?

SCP-XXX-A: Yes! Someone not of this place, perhaps the kid has connections to something far beyond?

Dr.Karen: And your evidence to support this theory?

SCP-XXX-A: this might be hard to explain but when I was lying down, feeling my skin peel and my bones weaken, I kept hearing this voice… this… not… no voice isnt the correct way to describe it.

Dr.Karen: What would you call it then?

SCP-XXX-A: Like a color, or a quality of an object, something new and something… like…

Dr.Karen: So this color is your explanation for-

SCP-XXX-A: No, Im not calling it a color, its… like just knowlege in itself… I remember feeling rumbling, not being able to move, feeling your heart beat and suddenly feeling your heart shrink, your eyes become blank sockets and then the voice…

Dr.Karen: Can you recall what the voice said.

SCP-XXX-A: It wasn't like a voice as in what me and you conversing, although I am pretty sure I am not speaking through normal means.

Dr.Karen: Then what was it?

SCP-XXX-A: Something mind melding, like something you have never felt or seen before, the feeling of senselessness helps to feel it. As if you were in a new world. I felt fear and struggled to move. It happened, the senses fell. I felt my being, as if it was I was being handled by alien hands.

Dr.Karen: What would you account these experiences as?

SCP-XXX-A: I honestly don't know, I've dealt with so many things of over the past year that can be described as impossible. Yet, having it, having an experience so mind-melding that the majority of subjects introduced to SCP-XXX have been reduced to screaming masses. It's quite honestly bizarre.

Dr.Karen: Do you have any theories on what SCP-XXX-A could be?

SCP-XXX-A: I might, but I assume it is not my first guess.

Dr.Karen: and what would your first guess be?

SCP-XXX-A: to frank I think this thing is from another dimension, the kid the kind might be some sort of unfortunate vessel for some things being used for nigh inscrutable purposes.

Dr.Karen: I believe there is evidence to support that.

SCP-XXX-A: Yeah, yeah but like remember those HP Lovecraft stories… the one with… with the half human half eldritch being?

Dr.Karen: Dunwich Horror?

SCP-XXX-A: Yes! That! What if this child is somehow connected with something far beyond, something more than us like there is a degree of strangeness to SCP-XXX, yet testing shows nothing, nothing on hume levels nor Kant counters. No electric interference or anything. Yet this thing it turns human beings into-

SCP-XXX-A pauses for a few moments and places its hands on its face

Dr.Karen: SCP-XXX-A?

SCP-XXX-A: It's alright, I apologize, just its been a long couple of days given… my transformation. I should have never done this

Dr.Karen: I have one more question.


Dr.Karen: You were formerly known as Doctor George Almaz, is that correct?

SCP-XXX-A: Yes, I… I… was George Almaz, Containment Specialist

Dr.Karen: Your personality appears similar to what they used to act like however, it is uncertain if you are actually them.

SCP-XXX-A: I suppose that's understandable, given the circumstances I wouldn't blame you.

Dr.Karen: On another note, testing on you has revealed no distinction between you and the late doctor.

SCP-XXX-A: As stated before, that's understandable, I feel like me, but I doubt I am in fact something more than some form of puppet. That's what this thing does right? Force me into a shell, a parody of a human being and force me to dance and to smile eternally in this gaudy suit and tie, forever remaining locked inside of a form I did not want. I feel like I'm forced into watching a play with me, I'm… I'm not me… I feel like me… but… It's… I'm… It feels like I'm…

[SCP-XXX-A attempts to curl up in a fetal position]

Dr.Karen: Would you like to end the interview?

SCP-XXX-A: y-y-yes I would, thanks.

<End Log>

_this is for later_

SCP-XXX-A: Who's there

SCP-XXX-A: I can feel you

SCP-XXX-A: Why am I like this?

SCP-XXX-A: what wasn't?

SCP-XXX-A: I don't understand why am I like this?

SCP-XXX-A: why, why can't I see?

SCP-XXX-A: what, who fears?

SCP-XXX-A: Who.. you fear us?

SCP-XXX-A: why do you fear us, we are just mortals

SCP-XXX-A: oh, I-I-I see

SCP-XXX-A: but why me? why not others long dead, like-

SCP-XXX-A: I unders