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Photograph of SCP-XXXX, outside of its storage container.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the serious threat that it poses to both international and nuclear security, relocation of SCP-XXXX must take place every two months. The oversight of both security and transportation of SCP-XXXX is handled by MTF Delta-13 ("The Keepers"). Furthermore, any personnel attempting to access the file of SCP-XXXX must have Level 4 clearance and immediately seek authorization from O5-█.

Entering the containment of SCP-XXXX will require the use of a Level B hazardous material (HAZMAT) suit as to prevent the dust particles being inhaled or touched through physical contact. SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a lead-lined storage container with no more than two padlocks in place; personnel who attempt to remove said padlocks without proper authorization will be detained and removed from the containment chamber. Decontamination stations are installed outside of the chamber to sterilize and remove any dangerous dust particles that originate from SCP-XXXX.

In the event of SCP-XXXX's whereabouts, having been discovered or in the event of a containment breach, Protocol Exodus is to be executed immediately and SCP-XXXX must be the first priority to be extracted out of its current location and moved to a designated site. (See Protocol Exodus for more information.)

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a uranium ore that weighs 70 kg (154 lbs) and is 60 cm (1'9) in height, with what appears to be luminescent green crystals on top of the object. Furthermore, SCP-XXXX has been shown to release dangerous particles that cause the person to be killed due to internal bleeding.

The cause of the internal bleeding is primarily caused by the conversion of the respiratory organs, these organs converge into processed materials (now designated as SCP-XXXX-B1), these materials are identified to be U92. Upon inhaling the dust particles from SCP-XXXX, the subject will instantly feel pain within their chest and slowly start to lose oxygen, before collapsing onto the floor, the subject will begin to forcibly regurgitate out the materials but due to the size of these materials; the subject will most likely die before the materials exit out of the body.

Further tests that is pertaining to SCP-XXXX are to require consent and approval from the Site Director. A representative of the Ethics Department is required to be present as a supervisor during these tests as to ensure that personnel do not extent the use of SCP-XXXX. Any use of SCP-XXXX or its materials; SCP-XXXX-B1, for the purpose of research and experimentation are strictly prohibited without the approval from the O5 Council.

Analysis have shown that SCP-XXXX-B1's anomalous properties doesn't appear to be active, if SCP-XXXX-B1 absorbs neutrons which it may instigate into a nuclear fission, and will begin to split heavy nucleus into two (2) more nuclei. Many of these neutrons maybe absorbed by other atoms and trigger further atomic events, which will cause neutrons to be released; a nuclear chain reaction. When using SCP-XXXX-B1 for the purpose of stabilizing its nuclear chain reaction, such as nuclear energy, it is important to mention that once it begins to absorb the neutrons, SCP-XXXX-B1 will begin to emit a high concentration of radioactivity, and will also increase its dosage of neutrons and fissile; which could create an unstable nuclear chain reaction, resulting in a nuclear explosion within a two (2) mile radius. (See Experiment Log-XXXX-██)

Object History: In ██/██1976, President Ford had secretly approved a classified military research on nuclear warheads, which led to the formation of 'Project: Protection' and was headed by the Energy Research and Development Administration. Initially, the ERDA had allocated multiple research sites around the United States to gather uranium to further advance its current nuclear warheads.

During a mining excavation in ████████, NJ, a miner was reported to fall ill and subsequently was pronounced deceased during operations that took place. This lead to the discovery of SCP-XXXX, and was transferred to a U.S Army Chemical Corp facility to conduct further research on the anomalous object. The Foundation wasn't aware of SCP-XXXX until 19██, when an undercover Foundation agent had reported the discovery of SCP-XXXX during his station in the facility.

When the Foundation had requested to turn over SCP-XXXX, the U.S Government adamantly refused to turn over SCP-XXXX to the Foundation. This lead to a question within the Foundation to whether the U.S Government should ethically be using SCP-XXXX for the purpose of their own interests to continuously develop its nuclear arsenal. Fortunately, the U.S Government agreed to turn over SCP-XXXX to the Foundation following an executive order that was signed by President George H.W Bush that dissolve Project: Protection, and transfer the ownership of SCP-XXXX to the Foundation; this was due to the United States Government signing the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START I) in 1991, where they agreed to reduce it's nuclear arsenals along with the USSR.

Addendum XXXX-01: Following the requisition of SCP-XXXX into the hands of the Foundation, there was a security concern among the Foundation that known or unknown forces could potentially breach and capture SCP-XXXX for the purpose of developing warheads or other unknown agendas that could threaten both Foundation personnel and civilian populations. Because of the importance of SCP-XXXX and the threat it poses to international & nuclear security, the O5 Council implemented security protocols to ensure information regarding SCP-XXXX is restricted to only a handful personnel, and the establishment of MTF Delta-13 ("The Keepers").1

Groups of Interests such as the Office of Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts and the Chaos Insurgency, have been extensively observed due to Foundation Intelligence confirming that both GoI's are in fact aware of SCP-XXXX, and are attempting to obtain it for confirmed reasons. (See Intelligence Assessment File#: SCP-XXXX-024683)