First Draft

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to remain on Site-██ until further notice due to Addendum XXXX-01. SCP-XXXX is to be placed under constant supervision, with personnel of level 2 or higher rotating shifts every twenty four (24) hours. After each rotation, personnel are required to undergo immediate psychological evaluation. SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a (5x5x5) meter reinforced, titanium-fiberglass alloy viewing area, with a replica similar to the dorm room at [DATA REDACTED]. No personnel under security clearance level 2 should be allowed to enter the viewing area containing SCP-XXXX unless given permission or ordered by a Researcher of level 4 security clearance or higher due to Addendum XXXX-02. Objects within the dorm replica should be replaced, moved, or removed every seventy two (72) hours. Two (2) teams of surveillance personnel of level 3 or higher should patrol the surrounding area every four (4) hours to search for signs of attempted breach. In event of breach, two (2) Containment teams are to be immediately dispersed and all on-site personnel are to be isolated and taken for immediate psychological evaluation as soon as SCP-XXXX is contained. [EXPUNGED: SEE BREACH LOG 3008-01]

Agent ██████ to Dr. ██████
Agent: “There looks to be a crack in the fiberglass, SCP-XXXX is nowhere to be seen.”
Dr: “Find it, tell Agent ██████ to collect all personnel and confine them to room 17. We can't have it run-….”
Agent: “Sir?”
Dr: -screaming can be heard from the radio-
Agent: “Dr. ██████ are you there?”
Dr: -silence-
Agent: “Sir are y-…”


Upon Containment Unit 01-37 arrival to Site-██, Agent ████ stated “There was a black, shadow-like substance everywhere. On the walls, the floors. Several researchers were located, also covered in the substance. Assumed to be a secretion of SCP-XXXX, the substance procures a faint smell of molten asphalt. It is warm to the touch, and heavily corrosive. All personnel and researchers that came into contact with the substance were terminated upon orders of [DATA REDACTED]”

SCP-XXXX was shortly located and contained, three (3) lives of the Containment Unit were lost during the breach.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a shadow-like mass of roughly two (2) meters in height and one (1) meter in length and width. The mass changes shapes every eight (8) hours. Shapes include:
A humanoid figure (often detailed as a female)
A group of humanoid figures (also often detailed as female)
A rectangular prism (2x1x1) meters
Subjects exposed to SCP-XXXX experience extreme paranoia, followed by dizziness, vomiting, and minor insanity. Subject D 05-55 described hearing girlish laughter in his head, before promptly clawing out his jugular vein. Subject D 05-56 claimed that SCP-XXXX promised to [DATA REDACTED] if he succeeded in breaching the viewing area. Subject D 05-56 was terminated before any action could take place.
SCP-XXXX gives off an unpleasant odor until approached, at which case SCP-XXXX begins to smell faintly of the female perfume Mary Kay Journey Eau de Parfum™. Video surveillance of the dorm replica is often blurred and distorted. Childish/girlish laughter is the only vocalizations that have been recorded thus far. Attempts to communicate with SCP-XXXX have yielded no result.

SCP-XXXX was previously located off-site at [DATA REDACTED], encaged by an electric fence. Security level 2 Officer █████ reported in, claiming to hear a faint ringing followed by a girlish laughter before the line was dropped. Power to the fence was removed, followed by almost instantaneous screaming, and the breach of SCP-XXXX. Four (4) Containment Units were deployed to Site-███ to find and capture SCP-XXXX. Three (3) total weeks and the loss of sixteen (16) Containment Officers passed before SCP-XXXX was successfully contained.

Five (5) male level 1 security officers entered the viewing area of SCP-XXXX without notification of a level 4 or higher security officer. Each personnel (now labeled as ‘subjects’) suffered traumatic psychological damage, minor concussions, bruises and cuts to the arms and neck. Subject 01-1 was located inside the dorm replica, missing flesh from his central abdomen region. Subject 01-2 was located outside of Site-██, unknowing of how he got there. Subject 01-5 was found standing near SCP-XXXX, laughing and speaking with it. When asked what he spoke about with SCP-XXXX, Subject 01-5 reported to talking about college life, [DATA REDACTED], and his failed marriage. At which point the Subject claims SCP-XXXX began “flirting” with him. Subject was terminated under orders of Dr. ████████. Subjects 01-3 and 01-4 were never recovered.