Agent Levi
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Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Safe/Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx, the object, Must be kept at high security, air locked vault at █████ ██████████ Military facility, Texas New Mexico. Class D personnel are tasked to periodically observe and maintain the containment facility of SCP-xxxx and requires Level 4 access due to the capabilities of using SCP-xxxx. The subject will be supercooled at the temperature ranging below -90° Celsius and the preservation facility must be 100% sanitized. personnel who will schedule to observe and evaluate SCP-xxxx at close quarters are blasted with strong base, octo-Lithium monoxide, to eliminate pathogens that can damage the molecular structures of SCP-xxxx. Personnel who had recent contact with SCP-xxxx must be supervised and observed of suspicious voice mannerisms, eye dilation, muscle twitching and behavioral traits that is caused of the ingestion of SCP-xxxx-1.

A breach is confirmed if SCP-xxxx is stolen by a defect personnel. At the time of the breach, the site director as well as two exclusive O5 command dossier will be notified. Mobile Task Force █████████ shall be tasked to subjugate the crooked personnel and be taken out to the foundations control, subject to high treason or even death.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a strong container, its size is 2" wide and 3.5" height and it has cylindrical shape. It was given to the foundation by a man who [DATA REDACTED]. Inside SCP-xxxx contains tablets namely SCP-xxxx-1, 30 24 of it remains.

SCP-xxxx-1, the tablets, are composed of unknown chains of chemicals. The only decoded sequence from the chemicals are C32H9, P10O32F3, █████, ██████, █████ bonded with ███████. The reaction of these chemicals to the body is not yet studied. But from certain test subjects, the effects when SCP-xxxx-1 is consumed are faster brain processing, heightened memory and information capacity, perfect memory recall, absolute abstract estimation and mathematical calculation, a feat that only era defining genius would only have. After the effects of SCP-xxxx-1 had wear down, the test subjects experienced a series of memory loss and headaches for 3 periodic hours. 10 hours after the initial effect of the tablet, the test subjects reported addiction to the pill and as the time passed on the test subject's anxiety and insanity grew more. It had become apparent that there are no treatment to the side effects of the tablet, not even ingesting the tablet again.

Addendum99bA - Test Subject1 : This conversation is under heavy censor and all time and place that are inscribed in this log are removed by O5 to prevent possible trackdown

Interviewed: ██████ A. Grevan

Interviewer: Steven ███████ [Now Deceased]

Foreword: The test subject will be taking one SCP-xxxx-1, the test subject was advised to
report all sensations from his body while conversing with the interviewer. The test subject will also be constrained as a possible effect of SCP-xxxx-1 might be induced violent psychosis.

<Begin Log>

Interviewer: Good ██████ to you mr.██████, I knew you had a brief idea on what to do
once you had taken the tablet. Lets get in it. Please, take the pill

Test Subject: Sure thanks

Interviewer: Ok, tell me if SCP-xxxx-1 kicks in..

Test Subject: It's on

Interviewer: That was rather quick, fine. Let me ask you this quickly, What do you feel now?

Test Subject: *Disoriented* I can observe that the light around me is getting brighter, and my focal vision is extending to my peripheral vision…

Interviewer: Go on.

Test Subject: I can remember everything, my child hood-my- when I was born, I can see everything, this is fantastic.

Interviewer: I see. What else are you experiencing right now? please describe.

Test Subject: My thoughts before, convoluted, have become one. Each of my very thoughts are connected, everything makes so sense. I can feel each cell membrane from my body, dividing, multiplying and dying. I can see shapes from this room then I imagine it at higher dimensions. I can think faster that my own self can not keep up with my own mind. It's overwhelming.

Interviewer: That description was helpful. Looks like the time is over, we will continue this conversation, maybe never.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: It was affirmed that SCP-xxxx-1 contains chemical that giu]

Addendum99bA - Test Subject2 :

Addendum - Mobile Task Force █████████ : Set in motion by [DATA EXPUNGED], █████████ is tasked to entirely protect SCP-xxxx. Level 5 access personnel will have no knowledge of this task force whatsoever, only but two exclusive O5 command are allowed of MTF █████████'s disposal. The capabilities and skillset of said task force is unknown as familliar members of this task force were MTF-alpha affiliate.

Addendum - ATHENA project :