Sandbox Of A Vulture Robot

Potential Agent/Researcher

Name: Agent Yakov/Dr. Ariclades

Security Clearance: Level █

Occupations: Field Agent & Researcher

Office Location: Sector 17 of Site 17

Current Position Of Research: Psychological evaluation of D-class personnel, SCPs, and the psychological effects SCPs give to D-class personnel. Some involvement in research with non-sentient SCPs designed as a form of weaponry.

History: Dr. Ariclades was born in █████████, Russia in 1███ with the given name of ██████ ██████. He joined the Foundation in 1███ originally as an agent to search for SCPs and other anomalous activity after participating as a soldier in the █████-███████ ███ of 1███ and after the accidental discovery of SCP-███ during the same year he joined. Due to his cooperation and active participation in the Foundation after explaining the effects of SCP-███ he discovered himself with the unlisted effects of [REDACTED], as well as its location, he was not terminated.

During the time he was an agent, he adopted the name of Yakov Ariclades in order to keep his personal identity a secret. He continued to extend his military career in the case that he had to disarm or neutralize anyone that was using a non-sapient SCP weapon to his or her advantage. His enlistment in the Russian army throughout his life lasted from 1███ to 1███, earning him many military trinkets from his time with the Russian army and was contacted in 1███ to be in the O5 Council’s Mobile Task Force, the Red Right Hand.

However, working as both an agent of the Foundation and a member of the Russian army have caused him to develop multiple cases of PTSD, insanity, and a great deal of stress when engaged in a warzone. He denied enlistment in the RRH, and would he have enlisted as a soldier will elevate his PTSD and insanity every time he partook in a militaristic mission. All of this has made him visit psychiatrists often to keep himself sane, and has learned several techniques in order to stabilize his train of thought and sanity.

Finding psychology as a field of interest in 1███, he would get chances to study it after completing a mission from time to time, which has made him more interested in studying human and SCP behavior. All of his SCP findings as an agent from 1███ – 1███ were listed as anonymous, and he took a ██-year hiatus to conduct psychiatric research on humans under the name of Dr. Ariclades, which is the identity he plans to keep after 20██. After said ██-year hiatus, he is currently taking both roles as a veteran field agent and a senior researcher.

Despite having many degrees in psychology, a military career, and a history with the Foundation as a field agent, little is truly known about his personal history aside from his accomplishments.

Known Obsession: For some reason he likes the number 17. The reason for this might be because he was born in 1███.

Research And Known Activities: In his daily schedule, Dr. Ariclades doesn’t spend too much time on research, though it is known that he tends to work out, test specific firearms, meditates, and practices hand-to-hand combat from time to time.

Technique Of Analysis: In order for Ariclades to gather the most data from an SCP, whether it is a non-sentient weapon or a humanoid, he conducts as much interviews as he could with the people who have seen or interacted with the SCP(s), D-class personnel who interacted with the SCP(s) in question, and/or the SCP itself. Some of his methods of interviewing are uncouth in the sense of a grey area, but do not stray far from the motto and are only done to provoke a certain response from the interviewed people, D-class personnel, or SCP humanoid.

He does have some tendency of writing appeals to preserve some D-class personnel for future interviews and are usually D-class personnel who have more connections to undiscovered or contained SCPs. The SCPs he usually oversees are sapient humanoids, sometimes he would support research on or oversee unusual weaponry.

SCPs Being Overseen By Dr. Ariclades:

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