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Personnel File

Name: Dr. Yakov Ariclades

Security Clearance: Level █

Occupations: Researcher, Medical & Surgical Doctor

Office Location: Sector 17 of Site 17

Current Position Of Research: Psychological evaluation of D-class personnel, SCPs, and the psychological effects SCPs give to D-class personnel. Also involved in research with non-sentient SCPs.

History: Despite having a degree in psychology, along with a M.D. degree and a M.Sc. in Medicinal Plants, as well as being a licensed surgeon, little is truly known about his personal history aside from his peculiar actions. Before Ariclades was accepted into the foundation, he has never revealed his face or any part of his body to the public, even when he changes his uniform and mask. He founded the Table of Yekhric in 20██, in which all members of this group were permanent members of Site 17, who were completely covered in clothing and masks bearing some semblance to the medieval plague doctor of the 17th century.

It is theorized that Dr. Ariclades has worked here before, and was originally a member who was thought to be terminated. The member in question, Zakhar Markov, was born in Astrakhan, Russia in 1757. He joined the Foundation in 1797 originally as an agent to search for SCPs and other anomalous activity after participating as a soldier in the Russo-Swedish War of 1788. During his time, he had made an accidental discovery of SCP-███ during the same year he joined, and despite his cooperation and active participation in the Foundation after explaining the effects of SCP-███ he discovered within himself, with the unlisted effects of [REDACTED], as well as its location, he was terminated. However, the way in which he was terminated might have given him the chance to live, allowing him to live a new life and adopt the name of Yakov Ariclades in order to keep his personal identity a secret. However, due to the lack of connections between their behavior and interests, the claim cannot be made until more evidence is provided.

Known Obsession: For some reason, he has a fascination with the number 17. No one knows why as he never discloses the reason for this, but it’s been known that he always tries to find ways to associate everything in his life with this number.

SCP-049 has had no impact on Ariclades’s obsession with plague doctors, as he bluntly explains that they were the reason why he’s into medicine and surgery in the first place. However, after being exposed to the existence of SCP-049, Ariclades has taken a peculiar interest with its practices, going so far as to become more invested in creating his own medicine, performing several experimental approaches in surgeries, and copying its journal entries in a black leather medieval journal of the same size.

Research And Known Activities: In his daily schedule, Dr. Ariclades usually stays in his office, either creating medicine in his work area, writing documents at his desk, organizing his meeting room or the office itself, or waiting for others to visit his office. He doesn’t spend too much time on research, though it is known that, especially after specific meetings with his group, he tends to go on “walks” on specific days of a month.

Technique Of Analysis: In order for Ariclades to gather the most data from an SCP, whether it is a non-sentient object or a humanoid, he conducts as much interviews as he could with the people who have seen or interacted with the SCP(s), D-class personnel who interacted with the SCP(s) in question, and/or the SCP itself. Some of his methods of interviewing are uncouth in the sense of a grey area, but do not stray far from the motto and are only done to provoke a certain response from the interviewed people, D-class personnel, or SCP humanoid.

If a human being or a low-risk sapient (and compliant) SCP’s body needs to be analyzed, he would sedate them and take them into his lab. He would first examine the external body, then cuts a small portion of the skin and/or takes a few blood samples, and, if possible, usually works with a few others to dissect and examine possible ailments, irregularities, and anomalies inside the body.

He does have some tendency of writing appeals to preserve some D-class personnel for future interviews and are usually D-class personnel who have more connections to undiscovered or contained SCPs. The SCPs he usually oversees are sapient humanoids, sometimes he would support research on or oversee unusual weaponry.

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