Othello the Cat's SCPs
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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation is to ensure that no unauthorized entities gain access to SCP-001. The Foundation is to ensure that no entities leave SCP-001.

Description: SCP-001 is a 25m x 25m x 10m room which contains what is left of human civilization. As SCP-001 is capable of manifesting a seemingly infinite supply of food, water and breathable air, it is projected that SCP-001 will support all lifeforms within it for the duration of their lives. In emergencies, SCP-001 is also capable of indefinitely suspending any and all humans within it in temporal stasis.

SCP-001 is incapable of being entered or exited without permission of PoI-8620 ("Esther Clearly"), its creator and known reality-bender. SCP-001 is otherwise impenetrable, even when exposed to methods known to surpass advanced thaumic wards. SCP-001 has also proven capable of withstanding significant damage, and has yet to need any physical repairs.