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Previous iteration of SCP-XXX-1, referred to as XXX-1-b, before coming into the Foundation's attention.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Neutralized Keter

Special Containment Procedures:



Under no circumstances is interaction with SCP-XXX-1 by Foundation staff to be allowed, any non-authorized person found interacting with SCP-XXX-1 are to be immediately detained for observation. Should SCP-XXX's anomalous properties manifest, the subject is to be immediately terminated, unless otherwise required to.

Personnel testing with SCP-XXX-1 should be limited to Class-D and individuals with a Cognitive Resistance Value of no less than 15, 172.

Recording of SCP-XXX-1's voice for experimentation purpuses are to be approved by the Site director and five Senior researchers. Handling of any of SCP-XXX-1's voice recordings are to be conducted with upmost caution. All interactions between Foundation Personnel and SCP-XXX-1 is to be limited to testing and containment-related issues.

Failure to contain either SCP-XXX or audio recordings of the current "holder" is expected to lead to an SK-class dominance shift scenario or an UK-class end-of-the-world scenario.

SCP-XXX-1 is to be contained in a humanoid cryogenic containment unit. The cryogenic unit will be placed on the center of an airtight soundproof chamber equipped with 5 cm-long foam panels on the walls, ceiling, and doors.

To prevent [REDACTED] from happening, absolutely no damage is to be dealt to SCP-XXX-1's tongue, vocal chords, jaw, or cheeks.

SCP-XXX-1 is to be kept in a medically induced coma at all times, with security personnel constantly monitoring its life signs, except when required for testing. The subject will be assisted to live, nourished, and hydrated mechanically in order to be kept comatose for prolonged periods of time.

As per Incident XXX-1-b-4, Research Personnel are expected to dispose of any audio recording of SCP-XXX-1 in the Site-██ incinerator should they no longer be of any value to the Foundation.

As of ██/██/20██, SCP-XXX-1 is to be permanently contained within Site-██ as the present space-time anomalies are benefitial for SCP-XXX's containment.

Description: SCP-XXX is the designation for an anomalous phenomenon that is manifested in SCP-XXX-1, referred to as the "host." SCP-XXX's effects over SCP-XXX-1 are known to vary from host to host, but due to the nature of SCP-XXX of existing within only one host from birth to dead, the observation of these differences are minimal at this time. While the information on the phenomenon is indeed very little, one particular trait that has been observed in all past iterations of SCP-XXX-1 is the ability to produce a powerful memetic agent that manifests in the speech of the host, allowing it to command individuals without any resistance or doubt.

Subjects affected by SCP-XXX-1's memetic agent are to be refered to SCP-XXX-2. The affected subject will comply to every order from SCP-XXX-1 and show total loyalty to its cause. Instances of SCP-XXX-2 are not to be interacted with, as they have shown to be extremely hostile to Foundation personnel, and are known to cause empathy and compassion feelings over non-affected humans, leading them to [DATA EXPUNGED] or [DATA EXPUNGED], as observed during several containment breaches.

The host's anomalous traits have been documented to go from a simple athletic proficiency, to dangerously powerful [DATA EXPUNGED], which was manifested by XXX-1-█ and XXX-1-█.

When SCP-XXX-1 dies, something akin to reincarnation occurs. SCP-XXX will immediately seek out a new host and "infect" it. When picking hosts, SCP-XXX has shown obvious preferences, as it has almost always chosen people born into powerful or wealthy families, except for the XXX-1-b iteration, when it was born into a middle-class family in ████████████, █████████.


Salvaged image of XXX-1-b during childhood.

While SCP-XXX appears to be simply a trait that manifests on different people, confirmation of the anomaly itself being sentient has been observed in the recent past, as seen during XXX-1-█'s retrieval operation where SCP-XXX-1 seemed to remember the Foundation and made several threats to the personnel before being subdued.

It should also be noted that SCP-XXX-1 and SCP-XXX don't share a consciousness, but rather seem to swap them when the latter deems necessary. Another particular thing to note from this behaviour is the conflict for control that's been observed to happen between the two at times, which usually ends in SCP-XXX-1's consciousness being supressed for long periods.


XXX.1 Containment Notes:

  • In case of a containment breach, the entire Site is to begin full lockdown immediately. Personnel is advised to subdue the SCP-XXX-1 with tranquilizer rounds rather than to terminate it.
  • Any instances of SCP-XXX-2 are to be killed on sight.
  • Were SCP-XXX-1 to perish, Retrieval Protocol XXX-5-PGB is to be immediately executed.
  • Due to the unpredictable nature of SCP-XXX-1's anomalous traits, the subject is to be indefinitely kept in a medical induced coma as of ██/██/20██ by order of the O5 Council.
  • If [DATA EXPUNGED] occurs, with MTF Units being unable to re-contain the subject, the Site is to be sealed and flushed with ██-class nerve agent.

XXX.2 Discovery Incident XXX:

SCP-XXX first came into the Foundation's attention in ██/██/20██. Subject XXX-1b, formerly known as ███████ A. ██████, was finishing a music tour around Latin America. The subject was performing at Caracas, Venezuela, when it decided to manifest its memetic agent over the crowd.
In a few hours, SCP-XXX-2 instances numbered in the hundreds of thousands. Civilians spotted by groups of SCP-XXX-2 were forcibly exposed to XXX-1b's music to be exposed to its memetic properties, causing the SCP-XXX-2 numbers to rapidly escalate.

MTF Units were quickly scrambled and inserted. The situation was contained after ██ days, with a total of ███ Foundation personnel killed, ██████ civilians death, and ██ billions of dollars in damage. The incident was contained from public knowledge and the general population of Caracas was administered class-C Amnestics. All footage of the situation was confiscated and deleted.

SCP-XXX-1 was captured and classified, original containment achieved in Site-██.

XXX.3 Protocol XXX-1ED

Protocol XXX-1ED is considered to have been rotundly succesful, as the only personal records of ███████ A. ██████ that are known to still exist are found in the Foundation's hands, leaving the success rate of Protocol XXX-1ED at an estimate of ██%.

After Incident XXX-1-b-4, it was unanimously decided by the O5 Council that XXX-1's story and records had to be erased to prevent another incident. Due to the magnitude of XXX-1's persona, Protocol XXX-1ED was put together in order to delete ██████'s existence from public records.
It wasn't easy. We had to intervene on several internet sites leaving memetic agents and cognitohazards inside that would make sure anyone viewing them would forget about XXX-1b forever.
Then the hardest part of it was to make people outside the internet forget about him.

Special Units were assembled to localize and destroy music records, administer amnestic, and placing memetics around Latin America that would make people forget of XXX-1, all that while keeping people from realizing what was going on. It took around 2 months or so, but we are confident that we were able to delete up to ██% of anything that had to do with ██████. Which, considering the magnitude of XXX-1's former identity, is a great achievement to the Foundation, and I greatly commend the agents that made it possible.

-Dr. █████