&Soulless Overandover, if you continue writing you /will/ be successful, and you /will/ be good. However, you shouldn't beat yourself up for not being a genius at 17, epecially with writing. That's like having a 17 year old wondering why he isn't a surgeon yet.

SCP Works In Progress

My favorite ones are the the ones that are in caps lock, or have curse words in them.



Tales and Shitty Self Inserts

Some SCPs that correspond to certain tales may have not yet bee written.

An old frail figure sits alone in a room, amoung the ruckus of white labcoats, floral patterned shirts, old smelling colone, and old smiles. One more youthfull and animated figure softly puts their hand on the old greyed creature's shoulder. A smile suddenly gives the old figure more colour and movement, his smile appears to erase any signs of age with the deletions of creases and the cold stiff joints of the old man suddenly giving way to an agile, if not younger then happier old man.

"ah, my child come sit down, we have much to speak about", Spoke the wizened old man.

"What did you want to speak about grandfather ?", Inquired the youngest figure

"I've heard


Shit to do

The National Organisation for the Eradiction of Non-Anomalous People
or the NOENAP
**Mr Were and Mr. remeber*
Hello all and welcome
"A tree that makes you hallucinate about fall"
"Demonic Ducks"