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The Entrance to SCP-2497

Item #: SCP-2497

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel are not to enter SCP-2497 under any circumstance. A 3-meter concrete barrier shall surround SCP-2497 and all related anomalies. During an 2497-"Rosa" event, personnel are to evacuate the premises and MTF Unit-2497-Alpha "A Wrinkle In Time" are to be sent to dispatch any hostile instances of SCP-2497-A-1.

During an event in which an instance of SCP-2497-A-1 appears to have escaped SCP-2497 during an 2497-"Rosa" event, MTF Unit-2497-Alpha are to be sent to SCP-2497. Should an instance of SCP-2497-2 surface outside of SCP-2497, all personnel will be evacuated and Procedure-453 Ephraem1 will be executed.

Description: SCP-2497 is an abandoned restaurant located in Southern California that appears to be in an advanced state of disrepair. SCP-2497 constructed around 2/05/19██, having officially opened on 10/17/19██. When its anomalous properties manifested, SCP-2497 was promptly abandoned.


An Instance of SCP-2497-A appearing in a photograph taken within SCP-2497

SCP-2497's main anomaly is its effects on temporal reality relative to SCP-2497. If entered SCP-2497 in 50% of all cases will emit lethal doses of gamma radiation. It is unknown where this radiation comes from. Due to the shifting of temporal reality around SCP-2497, it is difficult to directly observe SCP-2497's effects. Direct observation will not work most of the time due to a "blurriness" effect of SCP-2497. On rare occasions, it is possible to directly photograph and enter SCP-2497 without any adverse anomalies affecting any individuals entering SCP-2497.

Instances of SCP-2497-A are pockets of gamma radiation which appear to move throughout
SCP-2497; observation shows that several of these pockets assume a humanoid form, and often wander outside of SCP-2497 to attempt to communicate with inhabitants of the area outside of SCP-2497. Imaging of instances of SCP-2497-A with specialized equipment shows that instances of SCP-2497-A seem to be in a state of panic. Explorations within SCP-2497 have shown that [LEVEL 2497/3 CLEARANCE NEEDED]2.

Instances of SCP-2497-A-1 are severely deformed humanoid creatures appearing to originate from SCP-2497 during an 2497-5 "Rosa" Event. Instances of SCP-2497-A are invariably hostile and will attack, should anything outside the range of SCP-2497 catch their attention. To date, SCP-2497-A-1 are the only instances of SCP-2497-A that will engage anything outside of SCP-2497 without being harmed by exiting SCP-2497.

An instance of SCP-2497-A-2 is a semi-corporeal entity that will manifest during an 2497-"Rosa" Event, SCP-2497-A-2 appears to be humanoid, with several similarities to SCP-2497-A-1.SCP-2497-A-2 appears to have Level 2 Reality Shaping abilities, often engaging instances of SCP-2497-A-1 and subjects3 who enter SCP-2497 during an 2497-"Rosa" event. SCP-2497-A-2 will often attempt to demolish parts of SCP-2497 with its psychokinetic abilities in order to engage in combat with SCP-2497-A-1 and SCP-2497-3.

A description of an 2497-"Rosa" event:
An 2497-"Rosa" Event will begin with a large spike in local Space-Time Malleability Index4 measurements, SCP-2497 will begin to emit large amounts of Hawking and Gamma radiation. Video feed shows heavy distortion of SCP-2497.SCP-2497-1 will begin to exit SCP-2497 and will attempt to escape Site-Sigma's barrier. Several Scanton Reality Anchors5 have been dispatched to act as a makeshift barrier, as a result, the effects of SCP-2497 seem to dissipate as long as the SRAs in question have been kept at 100% power efficiency. During 10/17/██ Scantron Reality Anchor: MK 18.12 Failed and began to create a 15-meter "Berryman-Rosa" field6. Several Foundation Personnel caught in the in the radius of SRA: MK 18.12 appeared to mutate into instances of SCP-2497-A and SCP-2497-A-1. SCP-2497-A-2 will manifest immediately attempting to damage SCP-2497 and the surrounding environment. An 2497-"Rosa" event will be at its most lethal during the manifestation of SCP-2497-A-2. SCP-2497-A-2 will attempt to escape containment but will be prevented by an invisible barrier. At which point the 2497-"Rosa" Event will subside after 20 minutes and radiation levels will resume to normal.


Image recovered from SCP-2497, Context Unknown

Addendum: 2497-3: