OZ Ouroboros

Squiddy squid squid.

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"What… the hell."

"That is not a fish."

Dr. Pearl Watkins and Dr. Marcus Nakamura stared in blank shock as all thoughts of getting closer to this hulking, yellow… thing drained out of their minds. The very brief briefing Agent Liu had given them was in no way adequate enough to explain the creature before them. It was just plain wrong. It was absurd.

It was bananas.

Pearl let out an involuntary whimper and quickly stepped back, only to bump into Agent Phillip Morgan, one of Site 71's resident Bananafish Wranglers.

Watkins yelped. "S-sorry!" she stammered, still facing the yellow monstrosity in front of her. Pearl noticed that she was breathing rather quickly; every breath she took was overwhelmingly filled with the scent of a certain tropical fruit. Also, there was an underlying aroma of manure. She gagged, and swore right then and there that she would never eat another banana again.

"Agent Liu," Dr. Nakamura said slowly. "This… this can't be our Banana Pipefish… right?" He laughed a little too loudly, smiling weakly as he glanced back and forth at the two Foundation Agents. "This… this is just some joke, isn't it, haha, there's no way this thing can be our —"

Marcus' next words trailed off into nervous stammering as SCP-2761 rumbled in its tranquilized slumber, rolling over onto its back as it feebly flailed its undeveloped limbs into the air. Its tongue rolled out of its mouth, drooling banana-scented slobber into the shallow pool in lay in. It almost resembled a tired puppy asking for a belly rub. Except puppies didn't have smooth yellow scales. Or smell like bananas and poop. And they certainly didn't have scraps of bloody orange clothing stuck between their teeth.

Agent Liu's jaw clenched as he noticed the remains of the fluorescent orange jumpsuit in SCP-2761's maw. A subtle yet rather painful stomp on his foot from Agent Morgan told him his friend had seen it too. He inhaled sharply as he looked at the two Aquagene scientists in front of him.

Don't look at the mouth, don't look at the mouth, don't look at the—

"Holy shit, Marcus, look at its teeth…"


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