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The Canon

SCP-169, the Leviathan, is a member of a species of massive, space-dwelling arthropod. These creatures possess within them massive, empty chambers, brimming with the seeds of life: strange stones and vegetation, breathable air, and bio-luminescent lighting. The amount of chambers each creature has, and exactly how each looks, varies from member to member. However, once near-death, these creatures will beach themselves on planets, where life will slowly start to form within them and be released once the creature expires.
Our particular series, Genesis, covers the life of SCP-169 from the beginning of his life to his coming days. However, anybody is allowed to make their own series of tales within the Old Man in the Sea canon. Should you wish to add something to Genesis, please contact either Mr Wilt or Roget about doing so.

Elements of the Canon

There are many different aspects to the canon, each of which you can use and add to, once your tale is rated high enough to stick. These elements include:

SCP-169 - "Levi"

(stuff describing what we've established for Levi)

  • There are five previously cities connected within SCP-169, only two of which are named so far (Tentaboeoe and Hirakeroek). These five cities were, before the events of As Time Draws Near, connected under the Teachings of Marzed, led by His Graciousness Diviner Artem at the Crown of Velvet. This religion preached of one true creator who created each of the five cities and its inhabitants from pieces of himself. There are currently two Teachings-based holyman levels identified thus far:
    • Diviner, those who preach the teacings of Marzed while seeking knowledge of the world around them.
    • Castman, low-level preachers and basic handymen for the church.

It is not known what is currently inhabiting other cities within SCP-169, and whether or not they themselves have connected.

* His personality

  • Foundationdation/ASCI stuff
  • The Foundation currently contains SCP-169 in much the same way as is specified in the object's containment procedure, albeit with some alterations. As a result of ccertain developments in the activity of the Leviathan (detailed in Genesis) the Foundation has assigned a permanent contingency of ship and other craft, including some purpose-built structures, to the organism. Within these ships they monitor and study both 169 and the various biological entities and other irregularities which it produces.

Other Leviathans

(stuff about describing other Leviathans?)


Levinites is the non-canonical name for all inhabitants within each Leviathan, from the sentients to the sapients. In most cases, Levinites will not start to form and evolve until after a Leviathan has landed on a planet. However, on some occasion this will occur before planetary touch down. Levinites may range wildly in appearance, diet, and if applicable, culture and technological progression. Because of the irregular connection of internal dwelling cavities within each Leviathan, either made by Levinite hand or naturally formed, Levinites may vary radically even among one Leviathan.
As such, feel free to play around with various concepts of Levinites.