Item #: SCP-2XXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2XXX is to be stored in its original packaging within a wooden box and stored in a standard Foundation LockBox on Site-██ when in its inactive state. No photographs of SCP-2XXX are permitted due to the nature of its cognitohazardous effect and risk of causing a containment breach if viewed.

Within 3 Months (90 days) of being inactive, SCP-2XXX must be allowed to enter its active phase or containment may be breached. Prior to beginning it's Active Phase, SCP-2XXX is to be placed on the desk of a fully furnished Isolation Cell with One D-class occupant. Under no circumstance is SCP-2XXX to be removed from its wooden box by anyone other then the assigned D-class Occupant.

During an active phase, One armed security guard is to be stationed outside the cell. Food and beverage shall be delivered through the Door slot three times daily. If requested, additional beverages or snacks may be provided. Fresh clothing and bedding are to be provided on a weekly basis through door slot. Any other requests require the approval of the On Site Lead Reseacher.

Description: SCP-2XXX appears to be a standard deck of playing cards produced by the ███████ Card company. The card back appears to hold a cognitohazard that compels any who look at it to be compelled to play a game of Solitaire, initiating its Active Phase. It has also been noted that veiwing a photographic depiction will cause the deck, in its packaging, to manifest on the nearest acceptable flat surface, initiating an Active Phase.

Persons affected by SCP-2XXX's primary effect shall be designated SCP-2XXX-1. Any person affected by SCP-2XXX's secondary effect shall be designated SCP-2XXX-1a-z.

The duration of the Active Phase varies, but has been noted as lasting anywhere from 3 days to ██ months. Currently, no one has been known to successfully complete a game of solitaire with SCP-2XXX. The longer an individual is exposed to SCP-2XXX, the stronger the need to win a round becomes. As time spent playing increases, SCP-2XXX-1 will express a growing desire to be left in solitude, eventually ignoring basic needs such as food or water. Interruption of a game will enrage SCP-2XXX-1 and they will become extremely violent until the cause of the interuption is removed or destroyed. Direct exposure to SCP-2XXX-1 has a 100% fatality rate. In 87% of cases, death was caused by dehydration, however, in the remaining cases malnutrition was determined to be the cause of death. No contributing factor has been found for why some drink water longer then others.

At the end of an active phase, signaled by the death of SCP-2XXX-1, SCP-2XXX returns to its original packaging and enters the inactive phase. Do to the potential re-activation at this point, one, (1) D-class personel should be used to return SCP-2XXX to it's wooden container.

Individuals who witness a game in progress and touch either SCP-2XXX or SCP-2XXX-1 come under the items secondary effects. This will compel them to try and assist SCP-2XXX-1 by suggesting moves to further the game. Individuals affected this way can be broken free by being taken to a distance of at least 25m from SCP-2XXX-1 and kept there until a new game is started.

ADDENDUM- SCP-2XXX was discovered among the D-class Personel holding areas when D-64326 grew exceptionally violent and caused the deaths of four D-class personel. Investigating Security discovered D-64326 in a docile state, sitting in front if his bed and playing Solitaire with SCP-2XXX. At this point Security personel attempted to detain D-64326. Upon interruption of his game, D-64326 went into a berserk state, displaying exceptional strength and resiliance resulting in the death of three security guards.

Due to suspicion of anomalous activity, analysis of security footage surrounding the event confirmed the deck of cards to be the source. The artifact was immediately confiscated and desinated SCP-2XXX.

Addendum 2- After 2 seperate containment breaches, it was discovered that if SCP-2XXX was left in its inactive phase for a period of more then 90 days, it would begin to call to any individual it percieves as bored, the exact method used for this is unknown and it's effective ranges is 35 meters. This individual will actively try to bypass any security measures in place in an attempt to reach SCP-2XXX, inculding the levels of violence seen when a game is interupted. It is therefore reccomended that only a standard lockbox be used and all personel be granted access to the keys upon request. Said individual shall be escorted to the standard isolation chamber and standard containment procedures are to be followed at that point.