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It was a quiet morning at Site-19; the screaming had barely even started yet. A man walked down the corridor and entered the Site’s infamous cafeteria. He slogged directly over to the coffee machine and poured himself a cup, as bitter and black as his soul. A jeweled pendant swung around his neck, though the most impressive part was how he poured the coffee with his feet.
“Morning Bright.” said a voice from behind the monkey in a lab coat. “Guess what we have for you today?”

“I hope it’s a new blend of coffee.” He said without turning to face Clef.
Clef’s already impossible grin grew wider. “Can you even taste it that well as a monkey? Anyway, we have a few new personnel coming today to replace those three we lost during the Sofa Incident last week. We’ll be briefing them in the usual meeting room at 09:00.”

Bright shuddered at the memory of the Sofa Incident. “So many pumpkins…” he muttered to himself. “Alright Clef, I’ll be there.”

[insert transition]

A short time later, Bright was standing at the front of a briefing room along with Clef and Strelnikov. The three new doctors shuffled in and found seats at the table in the center of the room at Clef's gesture. They looked slightly uncomfortable when they noticed Bright, but otherwise remained silent.

"Gentlemen, welcome to Site-19." said Bright, "This is the heart of it all; the seat of the Foundation. Here you'll see things like you've never seen before. And I mean it. Here we hold all the really crazy shit. Now, could you do me the favor of introducing yourselves?"

The first man stood up and nodded to his superiors. "I'm Dr. Dennis Joric, a pleasure to be here." He sat down without further comment. The second followed suit. "I am Dr. Vivax, Phd in microbiology, happy to be working soon." The third remained seated, and spoke with a thick Scottish accent. "I'm Cp. Flanagan MacShyrt, I'll be working in Security with you, Chief Strelnikov."

Strelnikov scowled and marched up to the table. "I am barely understanding your accent, where are coming from?"
"What's that you said sir?" MacShyrt replied. "Where are you from?" said Strelniko in a louder voice. "Ah, where am I from! I'm from Scotland sir." Strelnikov smiled in recognition. "Ah yes, land of man-skirts and big swords. We will be having to get you drinking vodka instead of scotch, is better for you make you strong man." MacShyrt narrowed his eyes but didn't say anything.