Pandora's Box
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Item #: SCP-232

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-232 is to be locked with two heavy steel padlocks, restricting hinge movement, and covered in a sheet.

Description: SCP-232 is a ornate wooden box with two steel hinges, and two glowing question marks visible on the uppermost face. It appears to have been heavily worn down, and used. The inside is described of having a hay bottom, with none of the bottom board visible from the inside. During use, an random desire of the user will materialize in suspension above the box, and will hover until taken. However, sometimes a harmful item will appear, and can even cause death.

Testing Log-01

Box has been unlocked, and two D-Class, D-9421 and D-9499, stand nearby for instructions.
Dr. ████: Approach the object of interest. We have already unlocked the chains. Please uncover the object.
The two personnel are suspicious of the mention of chains.
Dr. ████: Do you notice anything unusual?
The two D-Class carefully inspect the object.
D-9421: Nothing strange.
Dr. ████: Please open the box, and focus on happy thoughts.
Without hesitation, the box lid pops up naturally.
Dr. ████: Can you please explain to me what's happening?
D-9499 There is nothing there.
Dr. ████: Please look inside the box, make sure you don't miss any changes.
D-Class finds nothing unusual, hours later is diagnosed with a severe case of SCP-008.
However, the disease was unable to spread, and only affected D-9499.
End log.