Item #: SCP-2902

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2902 is to be held a 3 m x 3m cube in site 1, and given a fresh host every 10 days usual host subjects include primates such as chimpanzee's, baboons, gorillas, or orangutans. the host is also to be fed berries, fruits, and curtain meat. The host usually will commit suicide after 15 days starting on the 11th day with symptoms of insomnia, seizures and paranoia.

Description: On the night of ██/██/2010 in the town of ████████, Colorado a parasite, SCP-2902 "Paraformer", was found in a lake. Our task forces tried to infiltrate it but SCP-2902 would tear through their armor, clothes, and skin. After this happened multiple times, the infected troops where honourably discharged with 10 years of monthly pay. the containment tack force build a containment around SCP-2902 and moved the box to site 1.

Whenever a picture of SCP-2902 is taken the host will die and the picture will be pure static. SCP-2902 can only be seen by 39.7% of the population so very few SCP personnel can even see it. SCP-2902 is a red arachnid-like parasite with 8 long spider-like legs and a tail to the other 60.3% SCP-2902 appears as a small white fish.

SCP-2902 enters the body, breaks into the nervous system into the spine and onto the brain. after it enters the brain it doesn't take over exactly but it does obviously does change the thought patterns. Every different host has different reactions some bang their heads against the walls, others wouldn't even notice. after a 15-31 hours the subjects will grow fleshy red appendages over their bodies.

Host Age Original Reaction Time Infected Time of Growths
Chimpanzee 5 Violence Monday 12:04 pm Tuesday 09:12 am
Gorilla 12 no reaction Monday 04:12 pm Tuesday 01:42 am
orangutan 8 Kindness Tuesday 07:57 am Thursday 09:22 pm
Baboon 13 Violence Wednesday 03:35 pm Friday 01:23 am

on the night of ██/██/2014 testing task forces infected a volunteer who wanted to see how the parasite worked This was what they recorded.

Interview of ██/██/2014

Officer █████; how are you Dan
████; I'm good, what time is it
Officer █████; It's 04:19 pm, why
████; he has told me its 5:19
Officer █████; He?
████; SCP-2902. no… he says his name is Que and he also says that its not 04:19 you missed daylight savings
Officer █████; SC-Que talks to you?
████; Yes, he is in my head
Officer █████; what else does… Que do?
████; nothing why?
Officer █████; doesn't matter that is all