Ageless Ice Caves
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Located in the Allagash Wilderness, Aroostook County, Maine near coordinates 46°20'00" lat, 46.3333° long along the Allagash Lake shore. Contained within Maine Public Reserved Lands, in order to defer people from wandering into the cave, a cover story was created informing citizens that the caves contain archaeological artifacts and Native American Pictographs and therefore is not accessible by the general public. SCP guards posing as members of the Maine Warden Service ensure that the caves are not entered by anyone except authorized SCP personel.
The caves came to the attention of SCP by a news report that a young family entered the cave system in hopes of finding artifacts, instead, they encountered a small group of people described as Native Americans garbed in traditional clothing dating back to the precolonial era. The tribe attempted to chase the family out of the cave system, when one young brave exited the cave opening, the family reported that he instantly transformed into what could only be described as ash, his body then disintegrated and his clothing aged as though buried for centuries.

After the family notified authorities, the SCP interviewed the family and after learning that they had not obtained any evidence, led them to believe that they did not in fact see living human beings, but mummified remains. The shock of such discovery, along with inhaled gasses from the interior of the caves, created the hullicination of being chased and witnessing the disintegration of the native warrior.

SCP personel explored the cave to find a large native Miqmak tribe residing within the caves. Due to a language barrier, a linguist employed by SCP was brought in to interview the cheiftian of the tribe. It was learned that tribe had entered the caves during a ritual to leave offerings for the spirits that dwelled there, keeping the walls of the cave system encased in ice all year long. After inadvertently insulting the cave spirits, the chief and his tribe were cursed to live out eternity in said caves. Any member of the tribe suffered a fate worse than death if they attempted to escape. Their bodies would evaporate upon exiting the cave and their souls doomed to roam the surrounding forest. It was decided that the chief and his tribe stay in the caves until the spirit showed forgiveness and let their souls move to the afterlife.

During studies of the cave, SCP researchers discovered that if anyone stayed within the cave system after sunset, they too, would be trapped in the cave spirit's curse and unable to leave. After several researchers were disintegrated, it was decided that the remaining personel would permanently reside in the caves to conduct studies on the tribe members and the cave system itself. A time limit of approximately 30 minutes between 12:00 pm and 13:00 pm has been issued to outside personel to deliver supplies so that no further personel can be captured in the caves.

Attempts have been made to contact the entity that dwells within the cave, but there has been no success so far.

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