Paranoiac's SCP Ideas

This is Paranoiac's Sandbox. This is where I keep my WIP SCPs up for the internet to enjoy and critique. Please don't vandalize this box, and just leave feedback for my SCPs. Thanks!

The first line of any SCP has the item designation along with the name of the SCP in a specific colour. The reason why is because Wikidot does not support coloured lines in tab labels. This line is to be removed if moved to an official SCP link.
Any red SCP is a work in progress.
Any yellow SCP is finished and awaiting approval.
Any accepted SCP will be green along with having an official designation.
Any blue SCP is a tale.
Any black SCP has been abandoned until further notice.

Also, to celebrate 101 dalmatians revisions to this page I'll be adding my Discord link here: .

It's the most efficient way to contact me at any time if you need me for any reason.