Parasite Unit

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Keter (see addendum 3)

Special Containment Procedures: NOTE: Due to the nature of SCP-XXXX it is not feasible, nor financially viable to contain it solely by physical means. Due to the wide-range potential threat from the combined effects of multiple SCP-XXXX growth sites, it has also been established that a secondary fail-secure protocol was a high-priority containment need. This has been facilitated by the environmental anomaly department - the Env/Anom Division (AKA Echo-Alpha). The secondary fail-secure protocol1 has been 100 percent effective since its implementation.

Any areas of land found to have examples of SCP-XXXX growing are to be purchased by the Foundation and harvested for research. Any growth superfluous to test requirements is to be incinerated2. If acquisition is not possible or viable; field agents are to be deployed to monitor the area, often via remote electronic means. Should this area be breached by any unauthorised person(s) the agents monitoring are to be deployed to escort them off the growth site, posing as law enforcement officers. The use of class A amnestic can be employed to facilitate this process, at the discretion of the agents3.

To further safeguard against civilians consuming SCP-XXXX, a targeted public information film is to be played as part of the local TV advertisement schedule. This transmission has a low level memetic (maximum level 2-P) effect content, to ensure as many people as possible are educated about the "dangers of a toxic fungus" growing locally. Should the results of these broadcasts prove an insufficient deterrent, additional warnings are to be broadcast via social media these contain a level 3-A memetic content.

Beyond this - Operation Scapegoat is to be implemented with immediate effect should an unauthorised ingestion occur (see addendum-1 for details).

Description: SCP-XXXX is a small fungus which grows to be an average of 18mm in height. It is very similar in appearance to the "magic mushroom" (Psilocybe subaeruginascens), which possesses strong psychoactive compounds within its biochemical structure. The nature of the effect is a potent hallucinogen. SCP-XXXX is visually identical to this non-anomalous fungus, with the exception of colour; mature examples of SCP-XXXX possess a strong blue/green colouration, they also fluoresces under UV-light with a strong blue/green glow.
The anomalous effect of SCP-XXXX is not apparent until it is consumed by a human4. After 10-15 minutes later, hallucinations will be experienced by everyone surrounding the person who consumed examples of SCP-XXXX (referred beyond this point as the Prime) to a maximum radius of 250 meters, the Prime has not be impaired or affected by SCP-XXXX's hallucinogenic properties in all tests.
Due to the lack of any psychotropic effect on the Prime, unless the dose consumed is sufficient for an OD terminal, there are no ill effects on the Prime's health, physical or otherwise. It should also be noted that an OD will kill both the Prime and those affected by hallucinations (referred herein as the Receiver).
During tests, many Receivers often describe hallucinations that involve mutation of extremities, these have included:

  • Fingers mutating into legs of [REDACTED] or other invertebrates.
  • Wounds opening on extremities, the interior appearing unnaturally deep. Often with [REDACTED] and other invertebrates associated with decay crawling or falling out wound interior.
  • Getting attacked or hunted by strange [REDACTED], whose leathery wings are often used to cut and wound.

addendum 1:

Email sent from SD D. Kleins to all Env/Anom team level 3 clearance: potential fail-secure process for SCP-XXXX.

There has been a large phone conference regards a fail-secure protocol for SCP-XXXX
The most viable solution in discussion, is to have the Prime targeted as a █████████ threat, using material [REDACTED] within their homes. With this ███████ placed, getting local authorities to arrest the Prime after all the ███████ has been [REDACTED].
Once ██████████, agents posing as [REDACTED] intercept Prime and acquire them as D-level

personnel. Cover [REDACTED] journalists to provide a "plausible reasoning" behind the sudden disappearance of Prime.