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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to have at least two guards on-site at all times to monitor it. SCP-XXXX is kept in a standard foundation carrying case with built in mirrors on the top, bottom, and all other corresponding sides. The case measures at 20 centimeters long and 14 centimeters wide. Proper care and PPE are required when handling SCP-XXXX. (Only to be handled with heat resistant gloves).

Description: SCP-XXXX is a set of plastic dental retainers, that heat up to warm temperatures that vary. (This phenomenon is yet to be explained). The mold SCP-XXXX was originally created from, is unknown. One suspect could be patient ████ from ███, Ohio. (patient recently used for experimentation at the foundation, SCP-XXXX was found in patient ████'s residence). But the foundation are not too sure at this point who the original retainer mold belonged to, until further testing. There were various tests performed with SCP-XXXX to find a suitable containment for the object. The material that seemed to make the object as docile as possible was a mirror. (The knowing of the object's state was achieved by personnel checking SCP-XXXX's case to find it in a different position than last placed, this proving it was in a more frantic state). As along as SCP-XXXX is kept on a mirror with corresponding mirrors around the object, SCP-XXXX will not turn hostile.

The retainers take on the mold of the person's teeth who last wore them. Only Dr. ██████ has witnessed one Class-D subject to wear them. To which Dr. ██████ saw the subject wince. The subject reported that the retainers made him feel "depressed", and "fearful." After thirty minutes of research the subject seemed to feel a slight pain around the gums. He exclaimed how SCP-XXXX was starting to "heat up", rather noticeably in his mouth. Two hours later the subject noted that the object stopped heating, in which at this point testing was halted. Later the Class-D subject noted a mysterious feeling of wanting to put on the retainers before even being advised to by Dr. ██████. SCP-XXXX's effects seem to only take place when in the host's mouth. Although the heating process takes place when retainers are not in containment in general.

It has been observed by Dr. ██████ that SCP-XXXX has appeared to have a quickly growing white mildew around its exterior.