The Button
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in room 21. Since Incident ████, no interaction between personnel and the device is allowed outside of its cycles’ end. A timer indicating 22 hours is to be started at the beginning of each cycle.

Three hours before the end of each cycle, a D-class subject is to be shown the SCP-XXXX, but not yet given access. Twenty minutes before the end of each cycle, the subject is to be given access to the item with instructions to push the button. The subject’s brain is to be medically examined after contact for any lesion. The timer is to be reset immediately after pushing SCP-XXXX’s button.

Description: SCP-XXXX is similar in shape to a hand-held button device 10 cm in length, 2,5 cm in width, and 7 cm in height.
The device will always be used at least once every 22 hours by an individual, independently from its situation, and no containment has yet prevented its utilization. Using the item will reset the time of the next use.

Manipulation of the SCP-XXXX by the Foundation has been estimated to have resulted in the death of ███ persons in the world over the course of a month of testing. The victims were men and women living in 35 different countries and were picked with seemingly no pattern. It was only later discovered by research team led by Dr. Alexander that there was a direct correlation between those deaths and interaction with the button of SCP-XXXX.

Addendum XXXX -01: Recovery documentation:
The item was recovered in Beijing, China. Undercover agent Lorca had found this device during a stealth mission on ████████. The device was found alongside SCP-████ and at the times of recuperation did not show anomalous properties. The item was clicked seven times during testing with seemingly no results. It was then kept in the compartment E7, alongside other items documenting the raid, pending for further examination. Nine days later, C-class personnel was caught in the act of pushing the button and admitted to have used SCP-XXXX several time every day since its recovery. The item’s composition was then tested and found to be made of an unknown material, not unlike SCP-████, and supposedly indestructible. Due to its component, it was labeled as SCP-XXXX and procedures of testing began right away. See Dr. Alexander interview for tests details that occured before the incident.

Addendum XXXX-02: Doctor Alexander interview:

Addendum XXXX-03: Conclusion of the Incident ████
The incident occured during a particularly intricate test. The SCP-XXXX was hidden in the site, and cast in concrete and locked in three containers made out of wurtzite, lonsdaleite and █████████. It has resulted in the death of ██ staff members. New containment procedures were established encouraging the utilization of SCP-XXXX every twenty-two hours to minimize damage, as it was shown that locking away the item will only results in SCP-XXXX provoking endangering circumstances to allow someone to use its button.

This effect is most likely provoked by the item itself, and is likely to have provoked thus far:
- Surrounding staff members breaking protocol
- Negligence by technical staff that resulting in defecting electronic material
- Traitors
- SCPs Containment breach
- Intervention from inhabitants of a supposed alternate timeline.

The Incident was a combination of all stated causes that ultimately resulted in the pushing of the button 21 hours and 53 minutes after last pushing, by Agent Lorca before dying of its injury. The most remote cause of this situation was found to go back as far as 1992, and have escalated in a number of events that has resulted in this specific situation.