SCP-2181 Draft


Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2181 was originally held in site 17 under a Safe class designation but has since been moved to site 19 after the attempted breach of SCP-105, the recent six (6) deaths of the researchers and the apparent effect SCP-953 has on its mind. SCP-2181 must be contained in a 10m x 10m x 5m reinforced titanium cage furnished with all things from the subjects former place of stay outfitted with electrified bars as to deter potential possessed rage induced escape attempts. SCP- 2181-q must be strapped down and restrained during any tests,interviews or when being escorted around the facility to avoid any casualties. Because of SCP-2181’s nature and is not inherently aggressive, the subject has been allowed to roam the facility freely with Level 4 or above escort in reward for good behavior. This escort has been given orders to quickly re-contain SCP-2181 should SCP-2181-q become restless. In the event of a containment breach SCP-2181 is of top priority of re-containment and if possible keep SCP-2181-q intact for further study, should this be impossible deadly force is authorized.
The specimen is to be treated as a child and given books to read, toys to play with and daily social stimulation as to deter a development of antisocial behavior.

Description: SCP-2181 is a humanoid male of native american descent who in appearance looks to be no more than ten years old, 1.3 m in height and 40 kg in weight, of an average build for a child although its hands and feet end with claws and not nails, which the staff has nicknamed him Claws since his real name is as of yet unknown. SCP-2181 at a glance is human if not for the aforementioned claws, long canines that protrude from its mouth at all times and finally its extra appendage designated SCP-2181-q. This appendage is a long slender tail attachment with a mouth at its tip. This appendage is covered with what looks like fur and SCP-2181 is often petting it in an affectionate manner. SCP-2181 is normally very cooperative and seems to take a liking to the younger staff more than the older.

Addendum 1: SCP-2181 was found east of ███████████ among a small suburban community in April██ 20██ after a couple who had found SCP-2181 was reported to the authorities. The reports were long the lines of “monster child in our neighborhood” and “tailed beast of a boy playing baseball”. These reports reached the foundation and a team was sent to investigate. Upon arrival and questioning SCP-2181-q went berserk and killed both of SCP-2181’s caretakers and wounded one agent. A response team was brought in to sedate both SCP-2181 and SCP-2181-q for detainment. The small town and those who witnessed the boy were detained and treated with amnesiacs. Further examination of SCP-2181 shows that the two specimens are in fact bonded together and any successful attempt to sever that tie would end in both of the subjects expiration. Any and all attempts to sever SCP-2181 from SCP-2181-q have ended in failure.

Addendum 1-a: The subject seems to have an affectionate relationship with SCP-2181-q and has been heard, in surveillance cameras, to refer to it as “Fluff”. It is recommended to keep up calling SCP-2181-q “Fluff” when conducting interviews as to keep both specimens in a comfortable mindset.
Below is the interview between Dr.█████████ and SCP-2181.

<Begin Log>
Dr.█████████: So what do you think of the foundation so far?

SCP-2181: Its nice….a lot of tests and I can never really sleep in but at least we’re safe…

Dr.█████████: Who’s we?

SCP-2181: Me and Fluff…

Dr.█████████: I…see Fluff is your…

SCP-2181: My best friend!

Dr.█████████: How long have you and Fluff known each other?

SCP-2181: Since I was born…He’s always been here for me

Dr.█████████: Do you ever wish you two were separated?
(SCP-2181 shows a slight hesitation looking at SCP-2181-q before answering.)

SCP-2181: I-I…sometimes. I tried to cut him off one time…

Dr.█████████: And what happened?

SCP-2181: It led you guys to me….

<End Log>

Addendum 2: SCP-2181, while normally docile and well behaved, must always be approached with extreme caution. SCP-2181 itself is harmless but if provoked SCP-2181-q will take over the specimen’s body and mental functions. When in this rage state SCP-2181 will act in an unresponsive violent manner in which strength,speed, and sensory functions have all increased to the point where bullets are useless and anyone within a 10m radius of the subject are ripped apart by either SCP-2181 or SCP-2181-q and devoured. This recent development,death of 6 researchers a minor breach and the injury of 17 agents on site, has prompted the movement of its containment to site ██ until further notice.
Below is the recording of SCP-2181 and Dr.█████ a week before SCP-2181 is to be transferred.

<Begin Log>

Dr.█████: Claws none of this was your fault.

SCP-2181: Of course its my fault! I’m sorry! I’m so so so sorry…

(SCP-2181 begins crying and SCP-2181-q begins to grow restless)

Dr.█████:Claws listen to me you are not responsible for this..

SCP-2181: But I killed them! I-I still taste them…they t-taste so….good

(SCP-2181 is seen standing up and SCP-2181-q is now beyond sedatable containment teams are sent in to escort Dr.█████ out of the room.)

SCP-2181: (brings roaring and attempts to bring SCP-2181 out of this trance are ineffective) You…feed…me…..I…..will……eat!

<End Log>

After the death of both Dr.█████ and the seven (7) security teams trying to apprehend the subject, SCP-2181 is to be relocated to Site ██ and is reassigned the object class of Euclid. The same containment procedures should be doubled at SCP-2181’s new facility and in the move should be heavily sedated and kept far away from SCP-953’s cell. Arrangements for SCP-2181 movement are scheduled for next week at ███.

Addendum 3: SCP-2181, since relocation, has been asking about SCP-105 and SCP-953. It is known that SCP-105 was granted access to see SCP- 2181 while in service of Mobile Task Force Omega 7. Although it is still unclear how SCP-2181 even knows that SCP-953 exists, researchers theorize that in the time between tests and interviews SCP-2181 was being telepathically talked to by SCP-953 and has since then formed a bond with it as SCP-2181 can be seen giggling and laughing in its containment as if being talked to by someone. This will be evaluated in future interviews of both specimens.

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