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The Director moved his hand up to his face and rubbed his beard.

"How many?" He spoke.

"Fourteen in total, with the other four in quarantine. Their conditions are worsening by the minute."

A sigh escaped the man as his assistant continued.

"I've contacted HCAD. They want us to go into lock-down until they can figure out what's going on." The young girl pushed up her glasses and increased her grip on her tablet.

"They were interviewed when they returned, yes? Are they sure it happened during the mission? They didn't get assaulted on their way back?" His eyes scanned the individual black body bags that littered the room beyond the glass.

"From what we can tell, sir, the report was false. I'm assuming these men were meant to be assaulted there. Led into a trap, perhaps."

The Director remained motionless. "It is very rare for somebody to directly challenge the Foundation. Have you checked with GOIAM?"

The girl's tablet lit up as she repeatedly tapped it. She swiped a few times, sifted through a few folders, and finally located the report she had already requested from GOIAM. "About that, sir." She paused, and the Director turned to face her. "What is it?"

"Approximately two days ago, an executive of the Manna Charitable Foundation, Renée D'Lavour, was found murdered in a cell outside Victoria, on Picard Island." She pushed up her glasses again as she returned her view to the Director.

"What does that have to do with anything?" The man said.

"They ran ballistics. According to their lab, the bullet came from the gun of one Julian Rowan, a member of D'Lavour's security detail." His assistant swiped the image to the left, and a photo of Julian Rowan was displayed on the wall. The Director turned to observe it. "Does GOIAM think this man was the one who assaulted my squad?" He stepped closer to study the man's features.

"They haven't had the chance to investigate him. Following D'Lavour's murder, Rowan went MIA. He hasn't been heard from since." She continued to transfer files to the screen, including Rowan's credentials and his papers. The Director continued to analyze them.

"It would be incredibly difficult for this Julian Rowan to acquire anomalous bio-weaponry. MCF wouldn't allow it. How the hell did one man get access to…this?" The Director gestured to the body bags.

"As I said, sir. They haven't been able to-" Eleanor was cut off as a rapid set of knocks sounded from the door. Upon The Director's permission, Dr. Matias quickly stepped into the office. "Sir, one of the squad members is lucid. He says he needs to speak with you. Immediately." With a final look to Eleanor, Silas took the lead of Dr. Matias as they navigated to the High-Risk Containment Unit of Site-62.

The short hallway containing the doors to the observation rooms was abuzz with activity. Several medical staff were constantly running through the hall, transferring from room to room. Dr. Matias led Eleanor and Silas into the final room at the right of the hall, and upon entering, they were surprised at the dimness of the room, and the oddity of the orange-hued lights at the top of the ceiling.

"An absence of light seemingly slows down the infection. He's the only one we could save when we realized it. Make it quick, though. Even without light, this thing moves faster then anything I've seen. He doesn't have long." Dr. Matias walked over to the control board and enabled the microphone, motioning for the pair to approach. "Whatever this is, it makes them incredibly sensitive to sound. We had to lower it to barely a whisper before they would stop screaming." As Silas approached, he could begin to make out a humanoid figure restrained to the table that was constantly shifting and writhing under the belts.

"You're Special Agent Tenenbaum, correct?" The Director whispered into the panel. It took a few moments, but a low, drawn-out and raspy voice responded from the darkness.


Silas looked to Dr. Matias, who lamentably blinked and returned his gaze to the window.

"Can you tell me what happened?" The Director continued to stare into the darkness of the room- slightly recoiling when the inhuman voice returned.

"It happened so fast. I was on back-up, I didn't even realize…" Agent Tenenbaum paused. "It was only a few seconds after they entered the building that there was screaming on the radio. They came running out with their gas masks on, but it was too late. They were already turning brown and were just twitching on the ground. Some of them had already started screaming before that God-awful sound came and they went quiet. Tell me that's not going to happen to me. Please please please….oh God…" A quiet sob began to leak through the glass.

Silas pressed the microphone button again and responded in a stern whisper. "It's okay, Tenenbaum. You're going to get through this."

The voice returned once more as it suddenly began screaming into the darkness, increasing its constant struggles against its restrictions.

"Don't lie to me! I'm going to suffer just like those bastards who got it first! We didn't even fucking see the gas! We didn't even touch them!" Agent Tenenbaum continued screaming, and Dr. Matias leaped from his chair and slammed his hand onto the alarm, and at once, a flood of lights bombarded the room, accompanied by several nurses in protective gear who tried to push more pain medication into Tenenbaum's veins and reinforce his already arduous bonds.

"Oh my God." Eleanor put her hand to her mouth as she processed the figure behind the glass. Silas could only produce a raised brow.

Behind the panel, some horrific combination of man and flora strained against leather and metal clasps. Its face was a twisted abomination of plant flesh and the remnants of human features. Its body, continuously shifting and lurching, was barely comparable to its original state, with brown, fibrous flesh already continuing to advance across the surface. Wretched screams that were no longer human-sounding suffocated the minds of those in the room with it, and its constant seizure-like twitches added to the cacophony.

It lasted only a few moments longer before the creature released a most horrendous vocalization that was entangled with the very present noise of the separation of bone, although it was more comparable to the snapping of a branch. The creature's body fell still while its head continued to aggressively twitch and seize, only ceasing when it ruptured and separated in two, exposing in-between the halves an innocent and healthy sapling.

The girl's movements were quick and exact as she maneuvered through the crowded square. The more people knocked into her, the more she fretted about the cargo she was currently carrying- a simple suitcase no bigger than her torso and a bland brown briefcase. She clutched both as if they contained her organs as she attempted to briskly walk down the stairs.

A few odd glances were directed at the young girl as she hopped off the platform onto the gravel ground that supported the tracks- but it was New York City, and odd occurrences were nothing more special than normal ones. The barely lit train tunnel was devoid of any recent activity, and the girl took her time venturing through it. Her hands tightened around her luggage whenever the vibrations of an incoming train rumbled into her legs.

The rusted door led to nothing more than an empty storage closet. It was tall, almost as tall as her, and was wide enough to fit herself and her luggage inside. She stood patiently as the door automatically shut itself and the familiar beam of light illuminated the small chamber as it descended the wall. It fell and rose several times before suddenly disappearing- being replaced by the hissing of air compressors and the smell of disinfectant. The wall opposite the closet door unlatched and opened, revealing the pristine white lobby that so drastically contrasted the industrial rust environment just beyond the wall.

She nodded to the men at the front entrance and nodded once more when one informed her of her destination. The elevator doors opened to reveal another pair of armed guards and a small unit of white-coated middle-aged people who quickly exited the elevator. The young girl was shocking in comparison to them. Taking their place, she pressed the button for the tenth floor and clutched her cases ever so tighter.

The man kept his hands just above his mouth as he stared at the table. He had been waiting there for quite some time- analyzing several logistical data pieces on his tablet. It had eventually bored him to the point of blankly staring as he patiently waited. One of the guards had already informed him that everything went according to plan, which calmed him down some. The rest of his anxiety lay with considering what was to come of his actions. There were hundreds of thousands of possible errors in what he had done, and he spent a majority of his waiting time contemplating all of them.

A sudden noise awoke Julian out of his introspection and drew his attention to the door. The girl crossed the threshold and moved through the room to the chair directly across from him. Julian hadn't yet said a word- he just stared. The girl removed her glasses and her black false hair, setting them on the table. Her magnificent white hair took its natural position just lightly brushing against her neck and across her shoulders. The contacts were the hardest part, and she always dreaded removing the plastic film from her eyes. A deep shade of blue replaced the artificial brown she had previously.

"The body has been moved to cryo-containment, just like you asked. I instructed Dr. Vehmin to conduct an autopsy as soon as possible." She spoke objectively and confidently as if nothing had occurred. Julian nodded. "Did it do what we hoped?" The girl took a small inhale, and then exhaled as she slowly shook her head. "I haven't seen anything like it. It decimated the entire unit in less than half our predicted time. It's still too dangerous to be used outside of controlled instances." He nodded again. "What about the sample?" Julian asked. The girl's eyes fell as she continued.

"The sample tested positive for reproductive spores. I tried to move as fast as I could, but they had already removed it and put it under Level 5." The man nodded again. "You did what you could. Let them take care of the mess."

The girl nodded and focused her gaze on the table. Julian slightly turned his head and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"You did great today. I want you to know how proud I am to have you here."

She smiled as she looked back to him.

"I mean it, Eleanor."