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Earliest archived photograph of SCP-3693.

Item #: SCP-3693

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Project MARINER-31 is to develop, test, and execute methods to penetrate SCP-3693. Project MARINER-32 is to determine the feasibility of alternative terrestrial evacuation procedures. Project MARINER-33 is to devise a broad range of social preservation and anomalous containment contingency plans for the failure of all collective MARINER projects.

19 archived iternations of SCP-3693 Special Containment Procedures have been hidden.

Description: SCP-3693 is a persistent altostratus undulatus cloud formation that maintains a static position relative to the Earth's surface, disrupting all electromagnetic waves and physical matter that pass through it. Collisions between SCP-3693 and mundane clouds result in the former subsuming the latter via a type-4 Hoffman-Ritz process, culminating in integration of all condensation nuclei. Certain types of clouds (cumulonimbus variants in particular) motivate notably larger growth by SCP-3693 than others. No form of precipitation has been observed beneath SCP-3693.

SCP-3693 was initially observed over Hazard, Nebraska (41°5′25″N 99°4′37″W) on April 16, 2076, at an altitude of approximately 4,000 meters. Extensive testing was carried out through specialized aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, light spectrum dispersal arrays, radar systems, lidar systems, and assorted specialized systems seized from government institutions. By April 30, 2076, SCP-3693 had grown to approximately 6000% larger than its initial size. Several attempts were made to limit growth, including atmospheric detonations of short-range ballistic missiles, exposure to related anomalous objects, and counteractive cloud seeding. Prior to total loss of satellite communications, Global Occult Coalition orbital resources were observed conducting kinetic strikes on the core of SCP-3693.

As of July 2, 2076, the lower boundary of SCP-3693 has extended to 200 meters above sea level.

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