Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: In accordance with O5 Memorandum 571 ("Overseer Consensus Regarding Immediate Threats to Fundamental Conceptual Landmarks, 2043"), SCP-XXXX is to be normalized as a component of baseline reality to prevent broader attention to anomalous phenomena. To this end, all available and relevant resources are to be applied in removing, discrediting, censoring, or dismissing evidence of the astronomical world state prior to SCP-XXXX emergence. Resource allocation is to be reevaluated following successful induction of post-emergence conceptual landmarks into consensus reality.

GRIH-series subconscious shouter systems worldwide are to have top-tier cycles dedicated to preserving social calm during periods of SCP-XXXX visibility. Lower-tier cycles are to be dedicated to reinforcing conceptions of false memories, conspiracy theories, and popular superstition as they relate to astronomical conditions in the general population. Where possible, water treatment procedures should be adjusted to counterbalance chemical imbalances caused by frequent GRIH exposure.

GRIH-based influence operations should be supplemented by curfews and minor meteorological manipulation to minimize general population exposure. Areas experiencing significant unrest for unrelated reasons are to be managed through regional governments to ensure ongoing access to prominent social figures, media apparatuses, and non-digital records. Regions that diverge from acceptable levels of access according to pre-established norm dissemination plans are to be managed directly by Foundation political-military hybrid detachments.

Foundation agents within prominent religious and spiritual organizations are to publish prominent analyses of now-nonextant stellar constellations as metaphors for positive, uplifting, and socially-healthful messages. Historical texts supporting these analyses are to be forged and disseminated as both current discoveries and back-dated sources. Foundation agents within prominent fringe organizations are to encourage continued discussion of pre-emergence astronomical conditions as practical reality that has been obscured by powerful transnational organizations. Influence operations based on dichotomous interplay between accepted/discredited groups shall operate according to existing outlines.

Electronic media databases worldwide are to be analyzed and adjusted by parallel instances of OU-THYME to conform with modern astronomical conditions. Media that is judged to be fundamentally incompatible with SCP-XXXX conditions is to be removed from available databases and purged from other records by autonomous scrubber systems. Similar procedures shall be applied to all scientific documents that pertain to the study of outer space in general and solar bodies in particular. When necessary, peer-reviewed astronomy journals are to be discredited for flawed methodology and notable hoaxes through comparisons to extant conditions. Acquisition of all physical media pertaining to these directives is authorized under 1 F.U.L. ยง 55 for the duration of emergency conditions as recognized by the Overseer Council.

Prominent individuals