SCP Articles:

SCP-3599: A place where the sweat of a man's brow is used to fuel a manufacturing process so vast as to defy human comprehension. Yes, of course it's in Detroit.

SCP-3442: A deep dive into enhancing corporate synergy to better employ core competency in incentivizing bleeding edge movements of "the needle."

SCP-3791: An anomaly so trivial that it practically contains itself. Don't worry about it too much. Don't worry about November 3rd either.

SCP-910: A alert keeps flickering at the corner of your vision, but it can wait.

SCP-3985: Nothing tells Bob in the next cubicle down to shut his mouth quite like hot death from the sky.

SCP-3649: It's the atmosphere, stupid.

SCP-4470: Sometimes you have to take one of the chin as part of the job. Sometimes the 'one' is an excruciating, days-long process.

SCP-001 (Pedantique's Proposal): It's nothing! Absolutely nothing!


Forgetting the Number of Dead Stars: It's rare to find a company with memory replacement as part of its retirement package, but even then you never get cool new ones.

Thirty Pieces of Silver, Plus Inflationary Costs: Fiat currency really complicates bribery attempts, but cognitohazards help grease the wheels of the negotiation process.

Under a Baleful Sky: It's just not safe to go on long drives anymore. Or to pick up packages outside your house. Or to live in a city at all. Or to enjoy the wilderness.

Quarterly Performance Review: Weaponized mindfulness is difficult to list on a resume, but its worth is hard to dispute.

In the Manner of a Bad Apple: Oh, worms?

Gall, Gulls, Gallows: It's like Burn Notice, but not in Miami, and with dog masks.

Thousand-Tooth Rat Trap: It really kills one rat, or kills a bunch of them just a bit less intensely.

Salt the Slug, Sheepdog: Read the title in the tone of "Get in the fucking robot, Shinji."

Abject Blue Insomnia: Everything ends eventually.

Twenty-Step Death March To UltraHell: But that end can be awfully violent.

Staring Down the Barrel of a Sun: And after that there's not much left behind.

Midnight Naught Exact: The beginnings of new things. The continuation of old things. A 200-story fall.